• A Mid Night Thought

    Wisdom and Spirit of my Dear one
    Calm, bright, soft, beautiful, pure breath
    Your Sharp eyes bend me towards you
    O Beautiful Moon! !... more »

  • Community Crisis Verses Humanity Rising

    O well-knit Leader, thou elated own forceful community,
    To make the angels weep for not known maturity,
    Nourishing plenty of food for follies and foibles through partiality,
    Thy prophetic vision, doubted to reduce into ashes Humanity.... more »

  • Liberty

    If I am an old enough,
    To handle myself.
    But still imagine like someone’s hold me tough,
    As he like zenith himself.... more »

  • Love Naturally

    Winds blowing Melodiously,
    Birds twitter Joyously,
    Rivers floating Continuously,
    In this beautiful sight, we suddenly fell in love preciously,... more »

  • My Dearest One

    When I was a little girl, I always thought
    God will bless me something magical, something different.
    Days had passed and I was still wait for something special,
    When I saw you for the first time, It feels like we know each other from so long... more »

  • My Will

    I am a girl,
    Quiet expressive, sometimes an introvert.
    I have plenty of relations,
    Some are strong, rest of sweet.... more »

  • Pity Of War

    Guarding each breathe inside the line
    Encounter myself for the Patriotic dream of mine
    Made do’s and don’t outside the durst
    Left Kinship emotions on the admit impediments worst.... more »

  • Vanishing Own Mankind

    Look at the flower, how beautiful it is!
    Looks gentle soft, cheerful, lovely leafs
    Doing two things in a single moment
    Delights our sight, refreshes our mind... more »