• Forgive Me

    will you ever forgive me?
    we went through this life together
    and now there is no more forever
    i told you that i would hurt you never... more »

  • Friends Till The End

    we've been through so much
    through bruises and bleeding
    we were there for eachother as we were healing
    its amazing how much we care for each other... more »

  • Gone

    i remember when you were still here

    why did it end after just 17 years?... more »

  • I Want You Back

    why arent you here with me?

    why cant you see that we're meant to be?... more »

  • Missing You

    i miss you
    id do anything just to see you
    why are you so far away?
    if only i could see you everyday... more »

  • Never There

    if only i could i'd wipe away your tears
    but i cant so i could only hear
    you tell me about all your fears
    and i tell you that ill always be here... more »

  • One Drink

    i feel so drunk
    i feel so stupid
    why did i have to go and do this?
    a sin of life... more »

  • Without Words

    you left me all alone
    with nowhere else left to go
    your the reason for my tears
    your the reason for why i can now face my fears... more »