• Broken Hearted

    I was happy when we we’re loving each other before
    As if nothing matters to us any more
    We felt like we’re the only one who’s living in this world
    Because you’ve been telling me that I’m the only one you want that makes your world go around, because I’m your man and you’re my girl... more »

  • Coke Balls

    Please, listen everybody
    I want to tell you about a candy
    That I bought today
    And I call this “Coke Balls” and it will make you say... more »

  • Congratulations

    After a long years of waiting
    Each one of you are looking
    For the right one to come
    Each one of you met some... more »

  • Depression

    No one knows what life holds
    Because they’re felling sad and cold
    Like no one cares about them
    Or they have a lot of problems... more »

  • Good Bye

    I know that we had a promise
    Together that we will never be apart, but there’s something I want to tell you, it’s going to be hard for me to do this
    I got to let you know about it now than later
    We promised to love each other and we’re supposed to be together forever... more »

  • Happy Birthday

    You’ve been gone for eight years
    But all of your good memories still here
    Right here in our hearts and minds
    A agood son, a good brother, good uncle and a good friend like you is hard to find... more »

  • Happy Father's Day

    Hey dad how are you?
    It’s been a long time since were together, I missed you, I know that you miss me too
    I know that you do
    Even if I can’t see you... more »

  • Happy Valentine’s Day

    Love comes in many ways
    Some really love each other so they stay together; some are tired of it so they just throw all of them away
    Some are shy to tell what they feel inside
    To the one that they like but all they want is to love them and just be by they’re side... more »

  • Hidden Feelings

    First time I saw you, my heart just fell for you
    Now I don’t know what to do
    I just want to love you
    And be with you and show you that my love for you is true... more »

  • Human Life

    Human life: The right is wrong, the wrong is right
    The world will never be at peace
    That's just the way of human life is
    It's gets harder and harder... more »

  • I Love You

    I hope that you’ll never forget me
    Coz I’ll never ever going forget u, you’re my one and only baby,
    You’re always going be
    No matter what happens your still going be in my heart even if you can’t see me... more »

  • I Miss You

    I wish you’re always by my side
    Because when you’re with me you make my whole day complete and I feel happy inside
    When you’re with me, I always want you near me
    When we’re apart I always feel worry... more »

  • Lovely Valentine

    I’m the happiest person in this world
    Because I got you, you making my world twirl
    I’m just crazy about you
    Without you I don’t what am I going to do?... more »

  • Mom

    You’ve done a lot of sacrifices
    For all of us because we had a hard life, and you can sadness in our faces
    We didn’t have anything back then
    Your feeling that our suffering its not going to end... more »

  • My Baby

    We couldn’t believe it that you couldn’t stay a little bit longer
    We were really excited to be your mother or father
    I still remember when your still in you’re mom’s wombs
    I was talking to you while she’s brushing her hair with comb... more »

  • One More Chance

    For the past years that we we’re together
    I thought our love was going to last forever
    I didn’t know that this is going to be over
    We a had a good bond together... more »

  • Promise Ring

    My heart just fell for you, since the day I saw you
    I’m always thinking of you, every minute and every hour, day and night because you take away my blues
    When I think of you, you make my life complete
    And every time I see you, you knock me off my feet... more »

  • Special Baby

    I was so excited when your about to come out
    You’re the only thing that I’m thinking about
    I was nervous too
    But when you came out I was really happy to see you... more »

  • Thank You God

    I thank god for making us to be
    Together, because I know that you’re meant to be with me
    Since the day I met you
    I just don’t what to do... more »

  • Tired Of You

    I don’t know what made me fall in love with you
    I just don’t know what did you do
    Sure, you got the looks
    That every hot person in this world that wants to get hook... more »

  • Torn

    You know it’s not right to love someone
    When you already have someone and try to stay with one person the best way you can
    But if you have one who’s got the right personality
    Your thinking that they the ones that your suppose to love endlessly... more »