• _confusing_

    I'm sick of all the mind games
    I'm sick of being called names
    I'm moving on I know you've seen
    No matter what I do you think I'm bein mean... more »

  • _dear Bob_

    i loved you so much why can't you see,
    you seriously were the world to me.
    i tried so hard to make you see,
    that me and you were ment to be.... more »

  • _dear Family And Friends_

    To all my family and friends,
    I'm happy to say, this is the end.
    I've been contemplating death for a while.
    Stressed out, as all these problems pile.... more »

  • _forget_

    Forget me..
    and my face
    and let the horrid world..
    take me to a new place... more »

  • _i'D Like To_

    I'd like to give you sunshine
    And take away the rain
    I'd like to bring you happiness
    To take away your pain... more »

  • _if I Could_

    If I could give you love
    the love thats hard to find
    Would you answer all my questions
    And give me peace of mind... more »

  • _if You Could See Me_

    Can't you see me i am just standing over here...
    Looking into your eyes dark glare...
    Wishing for the moment of you and I to come...
    But how could i be so dumb...... more »

  • _in Love_

    You make my heart beat wild
    With the crazy things you do
    I really can’t help it
    I’m madly in love with you... more »

  • _kill The Pain_

    I need a way
    To kill this pain
    Burn away
    Feel the rain... more »

  • _letting You Go_

    you left this cold, hateful world,
    with so much guilt and pain;
    the word 'death' has such a fear-
    ful thought; the Dark Cold hands... more »

  • _memories Of You_

    Why do I only think of you
    And no-one else at all
    I sit around my house all day
    Just waiting for you to call... more »

  • _my Suffering_

    Its hard to let you know whats bothering me
    Its hard to tell you the pain i feel.
    Its hard to let you try and help me through it,
    Its hard to me to tell you how i blew it.... more »

  • _never Taught_

    You wonder why I cut
    Why I choose to overdose
    Well let me tell you something
    that you may not want to hear... more »

  • _personal Hell_

    This pain inside youll never feel
    This pain inside its so unreal
    The light, the darkness, The coolness, the fire
    You were my one burnning desire... more »

  • _silly Me_

    Silly me believed that you would be true
    I believed when you said 'I love you'
    Silly me, I thought you would never leave
    I was so blind and I was decieved... more »

  • _thinking Of You_

    I'm thinkin about you every moment of day,
    I'm thinkin about you in that sweet type of way,
    I'm thinkin about you all the time,
    I'm thinkin about you so much it makes me ryhme,... more »

  • _tis The End_

    Now tis the end of my thuoghts
    I am lost beyond words
    My heart has skipped not one but two beats for you
    I hope to find myself in this lost vast lonely world... more »

  • _wasted Love_

    The time I have spent with you,
    Is as time I have wasted.
    With such great expectations,
    I pass them to the side, forever.... more »

  • _why_

    I lay there with the sun on my face
    Staring blankly into outer space
    Wondering why…
    Why is the sky blue... more »

  • Are You Worth These Tears

    Tears fall from my eyes,
    They were put there by you.
    You're just like all the other guys,
    Screwing with my heart was the wrong thing to do.... more »

  • Decisions

    Sometimes I just don't know
    How I can let my feelings for you grow
    But the love for you I know I can't show
    But I just can't let it go... more »

  • How I Feel About You

    you're the thoughts in all my mournings
    you're the ending in all my days
    you're in all the things i do
    and all the things i say... more »

  • My Love For You

    I dont know what Im thinking
    Or just what I should do
    It doesnt matter how hard I try
    I just cant stop loving you... more »