A writer & erotic poetic exciter: Monja Qui a student of film and a webmaster @ www.QuiEntertainment.com. WRITING is ESSENTIAL. From script codes to films and poetics- The MIND CAN BE BEAUTIFUL...if only we let it.


Monja Qui Poems


What’s that thing you do?
Oh yeah, it’s “Woo”!
A kind of voodoo
That makes me ooze... more »

Anticipating Fall

FALL is upon me...I feel it coming
I run to her touch to retreat from the sunning
That I've involuntarily been doing
I love the SUMMERS sun, but his hugs are spewing... more »

This Creami Bomb

This creamy bomb resides in Arlington
Luvs spkg in verse—intends every pon

Luvs riding a skirt, digs being a flirt... more »

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