• Dreams Of Jasmine

    I am a common girl

    With a lovely name as Jasmine,... more »

  • I Am A Girl

    ‘ I am a fetus! '
    Resting in my mum's womb,
    Like an unbloomed lotus.... more »

  • My Childhood

    I miss my childhood
    I miss it so much.
    As I turn the pages of my book of life,
    I find it has already covered thirty long chapters,... more »

  • Our School Holidays

    Hurray! it's our summer holidays.
    This is the only time of the year
    When we thank the humid weather and the scorching rays.
    We are thankful to the summer sun,... more »

  • The Dead Love Bird

    I am a dead bird
    Buried deep in the ground having my eternal sleep.
    I am resting in peace
    And smelling aroma of soil,... more »

  • To My Loving Son

    You are the brightest star of my sky,
    You are my heart that pumps love around my hollow frame,
    You are my backbone that holds me upright,
    You are my dreams that make my nights sublime.... more »