MMB Monyping Marial Buot 08/02/1997

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Dinka man is always a man until his death and a boy for the rest of his life when playing.
If peace and stability of a nation come after a serious wars and disasters, than let tribals wars be declared in S.Sudan.
It is because there is too much tribalism is S.Sudan and this led to hatred and continuous conflicts in the country characterized by rebellions, road ambushes and illegal killing based on tribal lines. Every tribe want to be superior than other and nobody want to be minor irrespective of population of each despite the fact that other are very many and others are few.
I can't see God and I don't dream of seeing someone like him/her because he is not there at all and I should not be deceived.
God the father is not prove to be there. Infact no him.

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