• A Happy Song

    I need to write
    A happy song tonight
    To find that tune
    And touch the moon... more »

  • An Apology

    I apologize
    For seeing things in a blind light
    I stare with closed eyes
    Reading the unreadable sight... more »

  • Conquering The Distance

    in absence we meet and held hands
    touching and feeling despite the distance
    soft words soothing and teasing at the same time
    igniting the fire, pushing us across the line... more »

  • Damn It!

    the innocent talks
    the seductive smile
    and the pretentious laughter
    are you that stupid not to know still?... more »

  • Damned Song

    I have blood on my hands
    Damnation filled my mind
    Feeding on your desperation
    Sweet betrayal is my creation... more »

  • Just Wondering

    </>can a feather slap so hard?
    can a dewdropp drown a man?
    funny how we complicate such a simple life
    and sad how we never learn the part.... more »

  • Untitled 1

    an end so unlike the beginning
    cried my heart out while i was laughing
    flickered and died before my very eyes
    cold flame burning fuelled by lies... more »