• 1905

    The buttons on my shoes won’t stop staring at me,
    and I’ve taken the pins from my hair.
    I feel some kind of futuristic pull, singing in the air.
    I don’t remember who I am or what I wanted to find,... more »

  • 21st Century Peace Tune

    My father made it home from the war with just a touch of insanity,
    married, made children, four including me
    and he never had to wonder if his brother made it out alive,
    his brother was shot, in the back, by the cops, in 1929,... more »

  • A Scene From A Movie Made In 1962

    Penthouse apartment, city lights, lamps on low,
    click of a Zippo, cigarette smoke,
    invitation to a party slipped under the door,
    let’s not go.... more »

  • A Scene From A Movie Made In 1963

    I was alone in the dark,
    I had the blues that night,
    the club was closed, everyone had gone home,
    but I had one last drink... more »

  • Aging

    I don't like to look in mirrors
    She looks back at me,
    she isn't me,... more »

  • Daddio

    In the 60s, World War II vets weren't like anyone else,
    and so my Father and I didn't get along.
    Catholic school girls are pretty screwed up, too,
    so we were probably a lot alike.... more »

  • Dead Poet

    I met the dead poet in a Mexican cafe,
    I knew him right away.
    Some say he disappeared,
    that he never died,... more »

  • First Caress

    I stand in the moonlight
    showered by rays,
    more myself in what
    is left of the darkness... more »

  • Full Moon Lonely Lady

    Oh the things I don't remember could almost fill a book,
    but I remember those blue nights of love,
    under stars when you were my man,
    cool breeze on hot skin,... more »

  • Holiday Dreams

    It snowed all night and I was dreaming,
    so warm under covers,
    deeply sleeping,
    felt like hours of holiday past... more »

  • Hopper

    I'm the redhead in Nighthawks
    and the coffee at Phillies is good.
    Joe behind the counter puts me in a fine mood.... more »

  • Hypnotizationally Speaking

    I'm sorry that I
    don't remember you,
    but I was hypnotized once to forget someone.
    Maybe he was you.... more »

  • I Know Her

    I know her.
    Once she was a young beauty
    but now she's an old woman.
    Once she was full of hot rising sap... more »

  • Invitation

    I invite you to my dreams at night,
    where I commit sins I only hope to see,
    and where I'm so beautiful, why wouldn't you want me?... more »

  • Make Me Stay - 11/94

    I was thinking maybe I'd go now,
    I'd done almost everything and it was boring somehow.

    I've had the black velvet coat, the boots that lace,... more »

  • Moving Pictures

    Come out of the picture,
    it seems like you can.
    It seems like you smile at me
    every now and then.... more »

  • My Second Grade Friends

    Carnivals and the homecoming parade,
    it’s autumn and I’m in second grade.
    The Fun House.
    (We never went in, every year we talked it over again.)... more »

  • Never Felt So Alone

    No one was staying in the motel that night,
    the vacancy sign was lit.
    I sang my songs in the party lounge
    till the owner said I could quit.... more »

  • On Turning 60

    The rainbow and the ravens
    made me feel hopeful,
    as they always do.... more »

  • One Man's Treasure

    I sat on the pirate's headstone with a sandwich after a walk,
    I heard his voice say he didn't mind as long as we could talk,
    and he told me all about the days
    when he was young and bold,... more »

  • Plaint

    If the heart melts down to the size of a stone,
    and the blood goes black in the veins,
    how long does it take to fry up the brain,
    and what becomes of the soul?... more »

  • Rust

    You’re not quite here
    and you’re not quite gone,
    I have nothing to fear,
    I’m not really alone,... more »

  • The Vagaries Of Man

    I've never been desperate, I don't know if I would steal,
    I've never been so frightened that it might make me kill,
    I've never been so lost I was afraid I might be found,
    so how can I understand the vagaries of man?... more »

  • Tune For Bix

    When Bix said “I am not a swan, ”
    what did he mean?
    Did he mean “I’m not quite white,
    I’m rather cosmopolitan”?... more »

  • Valentino's Waiting

    There’s a breeze blowing
    through the Hollywood Hills tonight,
    whispering secrets to the trees,
    and I’m climbing a stairway to the stars,... more »