College graduate who had hard times throughout life. Wrote poems as a way to cope with all the issues I faced. Most of the poems where thoughts in my head that just came to me and flowed. Alot of these poems were written upteen years ago, and I just wanted to share them with others to let them know that even though times can be rough, there is sunlight at the end of the road, and life can turn out for the better eventually. Don't ever let anyone push you around! When you fall stand back up on your own two feet and walk. Walk away from those who are a bad influence on your life no matter how much they may mean to you. Learn to depend on yourself and not others, for many times those others go away. We really but have only a few true friends which we know will be there for us, but they are few and rare. Hold onto those gems in you life!


Moore Hope Poems

Wishes On A Star

As I looked up into the dark moonlit night
A twinkling little light caught a glimpse in my sight

Is this the star I have been waiting for year after year?... more »

Is It Meant To Be?

These feelings in my heart are killing me slowly inside
For these feelings of truth for many years did I hide?

I tried to barricade them and lock them tight up in a cell... more »

Love Can Break Down Walls

I am lost in a room with people all around.
I smile at them, nod my head, but do not make a sound.
Even though there are people everywhere I still feel all alone
I climb high up in the stands above searching for the one whom makes my heart moan.... more »

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Emancipation Planz 23 Mar 2009 02:25
When a picture within a picture is worth a thousand words.. I so so love it! ! ! tis the best of poetry... aroha xx