• A Soul Not Whole

    Something is missing, my body and mind is not whole
    Feelings of incompleteness encase my empty soul.

    I try to overcome tasks to prove to myself wrong... more »

  • Denial Of Dreams

    Dreams are confusing what are they trying to say
    Are they subconscious thoughts in your head of wishes one day?

    For if this true and they are your desires of thought... more »

  • Fairytale Fantasies

    Lost in this ever spinning world I don't know where to go
    I turn around hoping you are there but of you there is no show.

    I look for you frantically, but always you are not there... more »

  • For You My Friend

    Memories of you face a concerned and frightening stare
    The paleness of your skin, the oxygen mask that you must wear

    Tell me, is this going to be alright?... more »

  • Forbidden Love

    I am confused what more is there to say
    I have feelings for someone who cannot love me in that way.

    The feelings that I have are hurting me inside... more »

  • Hide But Not Seek

    I open my eyes, yet I see no light
    The door is shut closed - the room is air tight
    A sense of panic is beginning to emerge
    I run to the door and push it with great surge... more »

  • Is It Meant To Be?

    These feelings in my heart are killing me slowly inside
    For these feelings of truth for many years did I hide?

    I tried to barricade them and lock them tight up in a cell... more »

  • Love Can Break Down Walls

    I am lost in a room with people all around.
    I smile at them, nod my head, but do not make a sound.
    Even though there are people everywhere I still feel all alone
    I climb high up in the stands above searching for the one whom makes my heart moan.... more »

  • Love Hurts

    Black and blue marks surround my eyes, so sunglasses I do wear
    Seven O'clock is close at hand, the time that I most fear.
    My husband will be home from work, so dinner I must set
    I hope the dinner is good enough or angry he will get.... more »

  • May The Bird Of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose

    He flies in the air with his wings spread out wide
    In a circle he goes in a beautiful stride
    He screams out loud to show his pride
    Over the ocean he swoops missing the tides... more »

  • My Love My Soulmate

    For many years I lived in the dark

    Waiting for that magic spark... more »

  • No Tears Allowed

    Do not shed a teardrop when I die, not a single tear
    Just keep memories of me in your heart, memories so dear
    Remember me as I was, the good times, not the bad
    For when my soul has left this earthly land, I want you to be happy, not be sad... more »

  • Oh Papi My Daddy

    I remember when I was just a little tyke
    I would try to sleep but my eyes would not shut tight.
    I would walk to you with arms up in the air
    You would pick me up and cuddle me near... more »

  • Remedy

    As I sat on the ocean's shore
    I decided that I wanted to live no more
    Life was easy when I was young
    But as I grew older it was no fun... more »

  • Safe In Heaven

    A crashing sound in the dark of night
    I wake up suddenly shaking relentlessly in fright

    Is it he who is breaking in?... more »

  • Sea Of Life

    My mind is adrift a boat lost in the sea
    With so much water around yet I am still thirsty

    I see fins in the water just waiting for me to fall... more »

  • Sometimes Death Is Better

    As I sit here alone at night
    I think about giving up on my fight
    I was used once so why not again
    All I ask for is for all this pain to end.... more »

  • Stone Cold

    Quiet whispers of desperate cries fill within my head
    Life no longer matters to me, the soul within is dead.
    I tried the best to live the life you wanted me to lead
    But instead of praise you gave me hell, and for this my heart did bleed.... more »

  • The Dark Walk

    Walking through a park at night I hear a sudden sound
    Footsteps following close behind stomping on the ground.
    Trying not to be suspicious I walk a faster pace
    The footsteps begin to follow mine as if it were a race.... more »

  • The Game Of Life

    Why should I live when my world has fallen apart?
    Why should I let time heal my broken heart?
    I am told that I am hated, that there is no love for me
    Why should I live, What use in the world will I be?... more »

  • The Secret Love

    It is hard for me to speak the words and tell you how I feel
    I am not sure how you would react to the truth that I would reveal.
    So many times I tried to speak but instead no words I said
    I'd hide my feelings of true desires deep inside my head.... more »

  • The Wrong Path

    I love him so much but he does not seem to care
    It is not me he wants, it is her he wants to be near

    I was once his wife, I gave him his only son... more »

  • Voices

    The voices in my head are telling me what to do
    The subconscious desires of want, the realities are true.
    So then why don't I follow, why don't I give in?
    Why don't I just follow my heart and commit the wrongly sin?... more »

  • What About Life

    Many times we take life for granted,
    We don't appreciated the little things we have,
    We have a tendency to desire those things we cannot get
    We are jealous of those who have these things we want... more »

  • Which Way To Go?

    The path we choose to follow in life sometimes is not the path we chose,
    Sometimes we take a path because we know that our family will approve,
    Sometimes we take a certain path to get back at our families,
    No matter what the path we chose,... more »