MM Morgan McKelvey 05/25/90

I was raised an only child in a single parent home. My mother was a full time nursing student with a part time job, so I was alone more often than not. When my mother suggested I start journaling, I was ten years old. I tried it but it just wasn't my thing. I felt like I was talking to either myself or the book, but either way it seemed like a foolish thing to do. As I grew older, more and more of the people I acquainted myself with became aware of musical talents of some sort. I latched on to singing and became interested in writing my own songs. It was from that goal that my poetry really took flight.
I couldn't seem to wrap my brain around how a song was supposed to be structured. None of them had the same layout, and Alanis Morissette's didn't even rhyme half the time. That intrigued me. The more I listened to her music, the more I came to realize that songs and poetry aren't about how they will be received, they're about how you felt in a singular moment; the rush of life, the thrill of love, the devastation of loss. I still get that aching in my stomach when I yearn to create. I hope to have it for years to come.



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