• A Mother Daughter Relationship

    The nine months of unbearable displeasure,
    Are all of a sudden worth it when you see this treasure.
    The feeling of holding her in your arms at last,... more »

  • Avian Freedom

    The birds in the sky,
    Have a freedom they cannot deny.
    They have been given the green light... more »

  • Hush

    Hush, my baby.
    With silence, comes a power.
    Hush, for you, there might be a someday, maybe.
    With silence, the men will cower.... more »

  • Living Water

    Everything is large when you look at right.
    The right angle of perspective doesn’t make it right.

    Atonement is beyond your grasp.... more »

  • Mirrors

    When I pass by a reflective glass,
    I turn my gaze to the floor.
    When I walk past a fateful mirror, I ask,
    “Good God, please Lord, show me no more.”... more »

  • Normal

    To be defined as
    Conforming to standard
    To be just like any other bastard
    This is what is to be pandered... more »

  • Ride The Wind

    Take her by the reigns,
    Whisper in her ear.
    Silence your pride, have no shame.
    Ride her again, go on year by year.... more »

  • Scars

    Scars are there to remind us of memories,
    Painful, harsh, depressing, or not.
    They are there for us to ponder, and give thought.... more »

  • Scent

    You walk by and it hits me
    Like a brick wall.
    It is subtle, yet powerful.
    It washes over me making... more »

  • Scottish Sorrow

    Rest assured by the sandy shore,
    A wee lass, pines her love on the moor.
    Leave her ‘lone ‘till the ‘morrow,... more »

  • The Butterfly

    Catch me in your net,
    Study me with inquisitive eyes,
    The future I have foretold has been set.
    Beware, my captor, of all of your compulsive lies.... more »

  • The Killer In Me

    The killer in me whispers to me now.
    Nocturnal urges creep up too.
    Inspired by the musical chorus of How?
    The killer in me sees it all to true.... more »

  • The Secret Is In The Weather

    Sweet rain drizzles on fields of purple Heather.
    You sit, watching through your latticed casement sill.
    With this kind of pure, unmarred, untainted weather,
    You can skip the distasteful daily ritual of taking your pill.... more »

  • Unimaginable Afterlife

    I’m flying in the light
    I swallow my pain and fear,
    As I hear angels and devils fight
    I can shed only a single tear.... more »