• Beautiful Thoughts

    A radient night,
    Dreams with god's sight,
    No more fights,
    lets keep on the lights,... more »

  • Dead To You

    I sit wondering,
    and knowing,
    crying,... more »

  • I Love You!

    I love you now...
    Id love you if you looked and dressed like a clown,
    I'd love you even if every day you wore a frown,
    I'd hold you if your tears were falling down,... more »

  • If Only...

    If only you knew,
    the grace of your body freezes me stunned,
    If only you grew,
    attached to me as I do to you.... more »

  • Looking At Things..

    Look theres a bird,
    an Elephant herd,
    a pine tree,
    and some dry fallen leaves,... more »

  • Ways Of Life...

    Crying is a sickness people get too much...
    Lying is a sentence people say too much....
    Hating is a darkness...deep within the soul....
    Love is the brighter.....plays a pretty big role...... more »

  • You.

    Why am I alone?
    I knew you wouldnt always be there
    You left me cold to the bone
    Tell me, how is that so fair?... more »