• About A Girl

    This is about a girl.
    She is not me.
    Sometimes I walk in her footsteps.
    Sometimes she walks in mine.... more »

  • An Hour Was All It Took

    I don’t know where you are now,
    I don’t know where you stay.
    I know that I can’t see you there,
    You’ve gone too far away.... more »

  • An Unpoem

    I've never talked to you.
    I've never seen you.
    I've never heard you.
    I've never met you.... more »

  • Baby Killer

    Look at this dead child in my arms
    And know that I blame you.
    Look at the pain in my face
    And say 'That is my fault too.'... more »

  • Bud Of Pain

    Shut the door, shut the door.
    Shut out the burning light.
    Lock me in, lock me away,
    away from eyes and sight.... more »

  • Chalcot Square

    I have been here before
    although I do not think it
    was during this lifetime.... more »

  • Closing On Opening Night

    There is a choice. She said 'To be fair,
    I should have four of them so that I
    can pick or mix and match.
    I do not know what the answer is.'... more »

  • Dedicated To The One I Love

    The first words I spoke to you
    Were words of love and hate.
    Love to hate you, hate to love you.
    Hold me, hug me - suffocate.... more »

  • Friends And Nothing More

    Early Monday morning,
    I watch you come through the door,
    and it’s so hard to talk
    when you’re a friend and nothing more.... more »

  • From An Alley, A Flame

    I waited for days inside that
    alley, dark - watching - dim
    but somehow smelling
    of stale lavender, when my... more »

  • Gone

    Last night I fell asleep with
    one hand touching her pink and purple
    shredded blanket and the other
    resting on the telephone.... more »

  • Goodbye Mother Dear

    Mother, mother, mother dear,
    Can you hold me close, can you hold me near?
    Mother, mother, oh mother dear,
    Will you listen, listen to my words of fear?... more »

  • I Am The Blast From Your Past

    I will be there, dear,
    when your clock strikes thirteen
    and I will smile at you.... more »

  • I Leave You With A Breath Of Ivy

    This day hangs heavy on me.
    It will not fit me right.
    I'm unbuttoned
    unzipped -... more »

  • I Walk With The Spirits

    I walk with the spirits
    on nights like these -
    and who are you?
    who are you,... more »

  • I Will Butcher Your Future

    I will butcher Your Future - -

    Not right now
    no... more »

  • If I Should Die Before I Wake (For My Mum)

    Stroke my hair, rub my back -
    murmur words of comfort.
    Sit with me ‘til I breathe deep -
    See off the demons between here and sleep... more »

  • If You Only Had A Heart

    You, life-taker, you,
    stone man, iron man,
    tin man without a heart.
    Took a wrong turning... more »

  • Last Year Lied To Me

    Last year lied to me.
    July told me today would glitter.
    Blossoming promises -
    pink purple red...... more »

  • Lavender Baths

    Look at this darling bundle in my arms.
    Step closer proud father, ready to play your role.
    What's wrong? Doesn't cry? Doesn't move? Doesn't breathe?
    She's dead, sweetheart. Hurry now, you might catch her soul.... more »

  • Lord Lucifer (With Apologies To Sylvia Plath But None To Tony Blair)

    I have won it again.
    One year in every five
    I manage it -... more »

  • Lost At Sea

    You write to me from the deepest place
    the darkest place the furthest place.
    I think you may be under water but
    there is no drowning and your heart... more »

  • Lost In Austin

    What took you over
    so that you arrived
    in an appearance I could not see?... more »

  • Nothing

    Nothing I can do.
    Nothing I will ever do
    can make amends with you.... more »

  • Over

    I have an inability to communicate,
    a failure to articulate.
    I speculate that this
    will be my sublime crime... more »