• " Where Is That Round Thing On Your Forehead? "


    I am not asking "lets get married" or "marry me"
    I just want someone to understand my feelings, my emotion.... more »

  • A Mermaid's Tale Of Concrete's World

    A Mermaid's Tale of Concrete's World

    I am watching the sea from this concrete's world;
    Turquoise blue happy waves;... more »

  • Death

    Is there anyone alive
    who wants to die;
    But what if its really difficult
    to take the pain of life.... more »

  • Dreams And Reality

    Would you please give me a place to hide?
    Even my eyes are getting tired of being wet
    I want them to be dried off.... more »

  • Home

    What makes a house to be a home? ?
    A little smile;
    A little of happiness;
    Some dreams;... more »

  • I Hate You

    I hate you

    I hate you when I see an old couple walking down the street holding their hands
    I hate you when I see a couple riding the train with their kids looking at eachother with loving eyes... more »

  • Jounota

    Jounota ki ba kamon? ? ?
    Jounota amar kase akta vishon valolagar nam;
    Amar kase jounota,
    Khub vorer misti rod er moto;... more »

  • Just Because ' '


    Just because you are homosexual;
    You have to be killed.... more »

  • KOSHTO (কষ্ট)

    Koshto gulo kamon hoy boloto,
    Koto prokarer koshto hoy? ? ?
    Priyo bondhur onno classe othoba school chhere chole jabar por take na dekhte pabar koshto,
    Onnora prothom hobar por tader pawa shundor molat deya boyer jonno hingshavora koshto,... more »

  • Love


    Love is, holding his/her hands on the gearbox while driving the car in high speed
    Love is, kissing him/her even in the morning when s/he wakes up and before going to bed;... more »

  • Me

    Who am I?
    What am I doing?
    Where did I come from?
    Where am I going?... more »

  • Megh


    Kisu alo chhue jawa megh;... more »

  • Megh r Tumi (মেঘ আর তুমি)

    Moner shob kalo meghgulo akasher gaye punjivuto
    Tobe ta tomar jonno kina janina
    Ajkal brishti hosse khub
    Tobe ta ashash theke noy jodio.... more »

  • New York

    New York

    City of Skyscrappers;
    City of Empire Dtate Building;... more »

  • Obscure Deceitfulness

    Obscure deceitfulness

    Hiding the hurt and hiding the pain
    Hiding the tears that fall like rain.... more »

  • Raindrops

    Do raindrops envy tears?
    They slide gently down the cheeks,
    And aren't falling onto concrete?... more »

  • Self-Obsession


    Now-a-days my heart is asking me
    To dream;... more »

  • Sequel Of Death

    What is Death?
    Or, should I say;
    Who is Death?... more »

  • Snow


    White fluffy snow;... more »

  • Someday, Sometime, Will You Be Mine?

    Why the clouds of mind stop me to see you
    The clouds of mind blinded me to see you...
    I am able to see you sometimes;
    But why not all the time? ?... more »

  • Sound Of Silence

    Sound of Silence

    There is nothing called silence,
    There is sound in silence;... more »

  • That Tree And Me

    That Tree and Me

    How lonely that tree is!
    Lonely, just like me.... more »

  • The Big Ocean Of Cemetery

    The Big Ocean of Cemetery

    Isn't the big cemetery on my way to destination,
    Looks like the big blue ocean? ?... more »

  • The Big Turn On... Lol

    The Big Turn on...LOL

    Who turns me on? ?
    A guy with glasses turns me on;... more »

  • The Clouds And You

    The clouds and you

    All the dark clouds of mind are gathered in the sky,
    Is it for you or not I don't know... more »