• A Sip Of Tea

    A sip of hot tea
    Let it
    ck... more »

  • Feelings

    She can speak
    But she would write
    No, scribble
    With that box of crayons... more »

  • I Asked God Why Pt. I

    I asked God why I was not born intelligent
    Why I had such level of stupidity
    But God did not answer these questions I posed
    And kept me waiting in anxiety... more »

  • I Asked God Why Pt. Ii

    I told myself I would not ask questions
    That were not constructive and crazy
    I told myself:
    Enough is enough... more »

  • I Asked God Why Pt. Iii

    My life is filled with money
    And materials aplenty
    And my plastic surgery went alright
    My knowledge is broadening... more »

  • Painting

    He painted a picture
    And proudly held it
    Between his index and middle
    Finger,... more »

  • Solace In Her World

    Her heart is sinking with indignant pain
    And she feels life has lost its meaning
    She slumps on the sofa; her mind is insane
    She wonders: Are my parents divorcing?... more »

  • Speeches

    ‘Brush your hair aside so people can see your face! ’
    ‘Don’t act insolent, girl, show some grace! ’
    ‘Household knowledge is essential for you! ’
    ‘For god’s sake, child, stop looking so blue! ’... more »

  • This Dog Loves Its Master

    This poem tells a simple story
    Of a man and his dog

    A young vagrant in rags and his dog.... more »

  • This Mere Child

    This mere child
    So innocuous and blithe
    So oblivious to the brutalities
    Which the dark world bestowed... more »

  • Waiting For The Worst

    The light shade of grey in the sky
    Seems so harmless and natural
    And the pedestrians are
    Sauntering and humming... more »

  • What A Joy!

    What a joy to feel the cooling zephyr!
    To smell the freshness of pine fir!
    To hear the morning birds chirp!... more »