Moschus, ancient Greek bucolic poet and student of the Alexandrian grammarian Aristarchus of Samothrace, was born at Syracuse and flourished about 150 BC. Aside from his poetry, he was known for his grammatical work, nothing of which survives.


Moschus Poems

The Runaway Lover

Her Eros thus proclaimed the Cyprian Queen;-
'If any one has in the highway seen
My straying Eros, and reports to me... more »

To the Evening Star

Hail, golden Star! of Ray serene,
Thou Fav'rite of the Cyprian Queen,
O Helper! Glory of the Night,... more »


Alpheus, gliding by old Pisa's towers,
Deep in the sea his eager way pursues
With sacred dust, and olive-leaves, and flowers,
With which he hastens to his Arethuse.... more »

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