MEA Moses Ebuka Adebayo 14-07-1991

Quotes (136)

Strive to keep silent, you wilt learn more; Do not Argue, then you are a wise one
No one knows all; When you remain silent or don't argue sometimes you learn more and understand things you had never known
A Mad man's folly is like a clock with broken hands; Sometimes it's right when You take time to study it, but a Drunkard sayings are all daft and often full of foolery;
A Mad man sayings are sometimes right!
Dost poets quills not damage of aspersions, Yet they writes `em off on their flimsy; Are emperors not slain of infamy, still they ascents and declare ukases; If warriors are kill`d to hast a chicken- heart, yet they rise and win A man like yourself did it, It's in eagles' eyes, It's in your strong hands, You too can do it!
You too can do it, If you don't give in to the odds

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