• A Moment With The Ghost

    It was in that misty park I recall
    She passed across my sticky gaze
    Noe I looked at her and nothing at all
    Getting to her world seemed to be a maze... more »

  • Come Back Home

    You remember that moment in the silent night
    There was just you and me and the moonlight
    You burned and trembled in love, passion and desire
    You crept on me and soon we were both on fire... more »

  • Cry Not Man

    Cry not man, they slapped you when still a baby and simply a child
    And you wept, sobbed and sulked and it was worse
    You managed a smile but in that they found fault too
    'Stupid they', shouted yet you were only a child... more »

  • The Prolific Poet

    He spoke alot,
    But in the feweswords
    And never missed out the full meaning... more »

  • The Story Teller

    I am that bird perched silently on a branch
    And watched everything as it came to pass
    So I sat in that abandoned and gloomy ranch
    Somewhere in and around that land of grass... more »

  • You Were Crucified

    I looked near, far and aound
    From two thousand and eight to two thousand and late
    Even from when I was just four few feet from the ground
    Yet I have not seen before this kind of fate... more »