• A Love Story

    Do you feel it?
    That is my hand.
    I want you with me.
    With me as your partner.... more »

  • Aeronaught

    Discussing together, faire play
    We sustain the living
    The position of hews
    The generation of does... more »

  • Afghan Killers

    Spraying spitfire in their tanks
    Killing the children
    No difference between Vietnam
    Prejudice ways... more »

  • Afghan Princess

    The girl of a thousand voices
    The girl of green eyes
    The girl making her dreams happen
    The life of joy... more »

  • Afghan Superman

    Pashtun kickboxing
    Blank stares
    Cut-off... more »

  • After Liberation

    The girl of hold
    Chest of devotion
    Love of kindred spirits
    Suicidal Vest... more »

  • Age Is Just A Number

    Imagine self, becoming 27.
    Admired the elders.
    Glad that prediction of not making it, does not exist.
    Confused about if I can make it in the future.... more »

  • Ambitious Sky

    Like I say. I fly, I drive, live and arrive.
    Power stone, the staff of judgement, the hammer of justice.
    The Karate punch, empicably different, life of sky.
    Birds fly? But do they see? Can they eat without guilt.... more »

  • Andromeda

    Finished drastically
    Sail through the sea
    Enjoy life
    Become superman... more »

  • Apostles

    So; I divulge to the moon.
    I demonstrate eternal life
    I divulge credentials
    When will I be proud... more »

  • Arab Sword Slice

    Drogue, Rogue.
    Arab beauty.
    Special Heir.
    Jump up-down.... more »

  • Artistic Plateau

    Here I sit
    In an artistic plateau
    Artistic talents lying around the ground... more »

  • Barry Manilow

    Right? Fine. Finished.
    During what avail, what time.
    Shake this, crisps on bread.
    Ultimo Dragon, wrestling and fights... more »

  • Beating Up Bullies

    Her, the Miami herald.
    Look-see, participant power, please.
    Try, try, trying.
    Watcha gonna do?... more »

  • Ben Smith

    Wondrous danger
    What you gonna do?
    Read you idiot... more »

  • Bengali Tiger Danger

    Smell power of aid
    We dance through a complex enough circle, winning and losing.
    Acid smell, magnesium burnin' rubber, i-see... more »

  • Big Bum

    The big bum
    The perfect figure
    The pretty underwear
    Hands like the sun... more »

  • Biu Oze

    Flyin' like an eagle
    Startin' like history
    Freedom bulldozer
    We set the scene... more »

  • Boom The Political Square Esq

    What should I do?
    Suffering and Living
    Mighty God
    Works Workshops; So sent... more »

  • Burglarising Ned Flanders

    Sneak, sneak, power, power.
    My little carton of milk.
    God protects him.
    All over the Ned.... more »

  • Burnout 14

    I am deeply depressed
    Confusion, hardwork, maximising brain power.
    What to do, express it, sure...
    My light has burnt out or dimmed... more »

  • Buzzing Girlfriend

    I wish I was young
    What can I hear
    Fricken life... more »

  • Children

    What a terrible life
    The woman sits down and breaks down
    She cries
    Tears drop... more »

  • China

    I am the Dragon, Long in Chinese
    The eternal dragon
    China is so complicated
    The life of eternity... more »

  • Classic Jaguar

    Stealing cars
    Life on the fast lane
    Behind the virtual world
    High pitched sirens... more »