My name is Timothy Michael Harris,
Normally called Tim. I use Moth as my writers name because I figure it would be far less common than Tim Harris. I got Moth from tiMOTHy, and use it as sort of a nickname. I enjoy spending time with friends and family, and I write to express my emotion and opinion. I hope to become a great writer someday.

I grew up in the suburbs of Detriot, a little town called White Lake. The lake is beautiful in the summer time, I spend a lot of time there on an old cement bridge writing poetry. I'm the guy who spends time watching the sunset out of windows and feeling a passion for life afterwards.

I'm still a kid however, and I have much to learn. I hope that one day I will achieve my dreams, I hope that one day my name will be known for captivating peoples hearts and minds.


Moth Harris Poems

#100 - Faction

It's the ghost in the mirror, the shadow in the corner of the room.
The cascading thoughts that drift through my mind so steadily.
It breaks and scrapes, takes away, again, again, another day.
It's where you are, what you've become, darkness.... more »

Ash Misguided

Wrapped in black
Old, dirty, dusty, damaged
Held inside is something beautiful
A cold vacant stare... more »

This Sickness That's In Me

When I'm washed up with those feelings of loneliness
and when there is only this and we can't resist
the bliss of when we kiss but it only exists
when our eyes are trapped in the mist.... more »

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