• A Look

    I look at you.
    You look at me.

    Between the two of us... more »

  • A Lover's Plea

    Look how strongly the candle burns
    As the hands of time slowly turn
    My heart is melting to your distant calls
    Yet I'm closed to my fate's walls... more »

  • A Spring Night Flute

    I remember you tonight,
    Under the mild heat of the early spring air,
    That still imprisons the whispers of yesteryears,
    And the sweet promises of youthful hearts,... more »

  • A Virgin Night

    When the moon shines over the park trees,
    Travelling majesty in shadowy nights,
    carressing the mid-summer's breeze delight,
    Flirting fondly with a lonesome soul's flight... more »

  • An Eternal Prayer

    Infuse my heart with the joy,
    That brightens up the day with a lark’s song,
    And kindles the summer nights with sparkling dreams,
    Of floating in the airs of weightless thoughts,... more »

  • Away

    Life is such a burden,
    Under the assembly line of railway engines.

    I’ve spent a life time,... more »

  • Butterflies

    Butterflies with elephant trunks—
    I wonder how they fly!
    Some have stolen Gabriel’s wings
    But those are black and white.... more »

  • Decadence

    ... more »

  • Eros

    We were dancing in the rainbow shadows
    Oblivious to the vigilant moon
    But I had a deliberate glance
    That turned my gaze into sweet deliberation... more »

  • Forgetfulness

    I dance in my lover’s sweet presence,
    In whirls
    And sometimes in circles.
    There is an end, I always forget;... more »

  • Heretic

    Lust is Love in hope of immortality
    Walk on, in the intoxication of hope
    Abandon the paradise your father lost
    Trade it for a dime and a half... more »

  • Independence Day Plea

    ... more »

  • Lips

    Close so close,
    Your tender lips.
    Closing in even more;
    Scarlet rose- your lips.... more »

  • Love

    ... more »

  • Midway Horse

    ... more »

  • Moonstone

    I said: “you are an imitation of love
    Your beauty and grace is all that a poet seeks;
    But there lies no love but only dust and stones
    In the fever of days.”... more »

  • My Cat's Murder

    Her eyes were gazing but black
    like another worthless dream
    Dead she was, today.
    Lying, in the pool of blood,... more »

  • Northern Star

    Come! Raise my soul to the gardens of night,
    Where the flute whispers the secrets of delight
    To the rose that is about to be dispersed
    In the moon-dip, the eternal cup of wine.... more »

  • Ode To Legspin

    Twist of wrist across the seam
    Caressing fingers; a tender release
    A sensual dart drifting in,
    Soaring soul of Mozart's symphonies.... more »

  • Ode To Schoollife

    In my dreams, sometimes,
    Your eyes turn, black and white,
    And we stare the black-board together,
    Till the speeding chalk, screams a dirty noise.... more »

  • On Question Of Love

    Love; The apparition of youthful days,
    That haunts weary old eyes and lonely hearts,
    Echoes in symphonies trapped in the empty vodka bottle,
    And summer dreams of a dying body waiting to dislodge.... more »

  • Orchestra Of Silence

    Why grieve,
    When silence becomes the seabed
    That nourishes a million sun and moon,
    And becomes the throne of your beloved... more »

  • Paradise

    Seasons have changed,
    And you are long gone.

    Like the lark that abodes April thoughts... more »

  • Prison For Mad Men

    I laugh for hours.
    It makes me sad in the end.

    They built a prison for mad men,... more »

  • Reason

    Nothing perpetuates anything,
    But nothingness!
    Becoming becomes unbecoming,
    At the dawn of reason.... more »