• Homeless Poem. At A Loss For The Title.

    As I'm walking on,
    the homeless man approaches,
    his twisted toothless smile
    only serves to sadden me.... more »

  • Magnum's Ballad

    Billy stood like Galahad,
    like from the myths of old.
    Arthur's only true friend,
    or so Billy was told.... more »

  • Silence

    There is no Paradise,
    Been strung up next to Jesus Christ,
    and the two of them share
    an Awkward Silence.... more »

  • The End

    When I die, oh when I'm gone,
    The Blessed and the Damned'll sing along,
    and the Good Lord'll sing His song,
    and Beelzebub'll join along,... more »

  • The Olive Trees Are Dying.

    The Olive Trees are dying. (not the title, but the first line of poem.)

    They used to stand so proudly,
    they could make Ares feel at ease,... more »

  • The Tree

    Down by the meadow,
    there's a tree, good and pure.
    And it's leaves are the most fantastic green
    you'll ever see.... more »

  • Untitled. Sorry.

    Hold me,
    Tell me the world's allright,
    Tell me there's no horrors,
    no reason to be strong.... more »