Mr. Poetic Biography

I am a poet living on the island of Boracay in the Philipines. I was a Chicago Police Officer for 20 years and now I am retired and write poetry all day in the sun. My dream is to one day be a published poet. But it doesn't matter if I do get published because I am still living my dream by being able to write my poetry while I gaze upon the horizon across the ocean. So whether I get published or not is just a dream that hopefully will come true as well. Though I've been a cop for many years I never considered law enforcement as my true profession. My true profession is that I am a Poet and I will never retire from my true profession because my poetry is what defines me as a man, a human being, and a creative individual. When I create a poem I feel like I've accomplished a great task because not everyone has the abilty to express themselves on paper. But when you are able to express your love, hate, pain, sorrow and good fortune on paper then you should consider yourself a lucky person. The sad thing is that none of my friends or family think that I have the abilty to become a famous poet. Well, maybe that is true but I can't stop believing that the world will know who I am because of the words I write. So never stop believing and never stop writing. But never, ever write for finacial gain, write because you have the love and abilty to create art on a blank piece of paper. And when you create art through the words you write then you will enrich your life in many ways and you can't put a price on that.