• If Only

    I know my days are numbered,
    I know I am mortal
    I know it can be outnumbered,
    It is temporary, all my chortle... more »

  • My Family

    Everybody's days are numbered,
    Some die normally, some murdered
    In our life we have somebody,
    With whom we can share our glee... more »

  • My Mother- By A Nine Year Old

    When the sea roared
    And I groaned
    A person came forward
    trying to save me as I was being murdered... more »

  • Save The World- By A Nine Year Old

    Under the ground is the mighty core
    On the crust is a heavy door
    In the sky where airplanes fly
    And the space we'd say "Oh My! "... more »

  • The Arrogant King

    AS he thumped many men
    Only for fun
    He tore the white flag of peace
    And threw them at some geese... more »

  • The Life Of A Poor Man

    The days come to an end
    But see those poor men
    Roaming around hungry
    Always saying' Ah! Woe is me! '... more »