35 year old black mother and daughter, sister and friend.I am one who lives to express herself on the world around her and the people she will meet along the way.I have traveled many places and seen many things. I hope that I continue to grow as a person of diversity and general concern of others.


Ms. Anika Martinez Poems

Am I?

Have you ever said, “Why are they helping me? ”
Am I a skeptic?
“What do they want from me? ”
Am I skeptic?... more »

Mind Wilderness...

Lost on a dark and rainy road. Trying to feel my way through the rain and fog.

Lost in the dark.... more »

Misery And I

Is there a new I or is the old just waiting to appear? Why do I cause so much hurt?
My misery is lonely she’s searching for others for companionship. They say I am not as unique as I thought us to be. Little did they know, that very theory intrigued her! Others felt exactly the way she felt? We would not have not to be in our own misery alone.

Our dark cloud would be shared with others, just as, or more miserable then us. All we had to do was speak to one of them, one at a time. Before they could recognize that she had brought them all back home with us. To endure all the suffering, and confusion that she felt.... more »

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lonnae 29 Nov 2017 06:57
your poem was wonderful