• Am I?

    Have you ever said, “Why are they helping me? ”
    Am I a skeptic?
    “What do they want from me? ”
    Am I skeptic?... more »

  • American Vision

    Determination to be, exactly, who he, made to be. They try to tell me who I am by rejecting my credit. They incarcerate us minorities. They label us non-black or African American.

    Why to fit into their statistics? It all boils down to the currency current of the all mighty dollars.... more »

  • Can You Understand?

    Can you understand?
    Where I have been?
    Can you close your eyes and image the humilation I have put myself through?
    Can you understand?... more »

  • Dear Dope Dealer,

    Dearest Dope Dealers,

    Thank for being there for me. Whenever I needed to self-destruct. I knew you would be there to lend a helping hand to drown myself into desperation and despair.... more »

  • Do Not Blame Me...

    Do not blame me
    For your failure
    Do not blame me
    For your desires... more »

  • Dream Of Fears...

    Tears from fears to desire to despair
    Tears of fears from progressive to chronic
    Tears to fear of the future from the past
    Tears became fears of the unknown of being something from nothing... more »

  • Drop In Emotions...

    My Right To Be Where I Need To Be…

    Disappoint leads to my anger and hostility.
    Hostile leads to my danger zone.... more »

  • Family Love...

    The love of the family is so sweet
    Very unique
    The love of the family holds a special bond of concern for the unknown
    The love of the family strengthen as the years past from birth to adulthood... more »

  • Here I Am...

    Here I am.
    I am woman I have always played to be.
    I am powerful in the words I speak.
    In the way I walk.... more »

  • I Am Not That Girl...

    I am not that girl
    You once new
    I am not that girl that
    Ran every time life gave her troubles... more »

  • I Can’t See Pass The Bull-.

    I can’t see.

    I am blinded by the bull- in my eye.... more »

  • I Hate You!

    I hate you.
    You make me sick.
    The way you breathe.
    They way you smile at me.... more »

  • I Love You To Death...

    Hey baby, I was at my boys’ house last night. Sorry, I didn’t call you, I pass out on the couch.

    You know I love you to death!... more »

  • Just A Thought...

    I believe that we as people have a greater purpose to life then sitting in bewilderment of the world around us.
    I believe that life is about lessons that we have learnt
    Failed to learn.
    I believe that there is more to us then we know... more »

  • Let Me Breath...

    Let me breath
    Take the mask off
    I can breath on my own
    Take the mask off... more »

  • Lost In Darkness...

    Lost in on a dark and rainy road. Trying to feel my way through the rain and fog. Lost in the dark. Lonely there's no one insight. Frighten of the wolves that hear howlling in the distance fog. I just want to go home. Lost and desperate for mankind words speech. Anger welling inside, from the fear that festers within me. Lost in the dark.
    Is anyone out there looking for me? Do anyone know I am lost in this wilderness? Trapped.

    I scream for help. The only sound of others is the echo of my own voice.... more »

  • Mind Wilderness...

    Lost on a dark and rainy road. Trying to feel my way through the rain and fog.

    Lost in the dark.... more »

  • Misery And I

    Is there a new I or is the old just waiting to appear? Why do I cause so much hurt?
    My misery is lonely she’s searching for others for companionship. They say I am not as unique as I thought us to be. Little did they know, that very theory intrigued her! Others felt exactly the way she felt? We would not have not to be in our own misery alone.

    Our dark cloud would be shared with others, just as, or more miserable then us. All we had to do was speak to one of them, one at a time. Before they could recognize that she had brought them all back home with us. To endure all the suffering, and confusion that she felt.... more »

  • Momma's Seed...

    Momma you are so dear to me
    Momma I have missed your loving words

    Your soft touches... more »

  • My Special Interest...

    My special interest is to see you happy.
    You are my special interest dedicated to be all that you image us to be.
    To love you as know other will love you.
    Teach you to express all your concerns and needs.... more »

  • Peace Of Mind...

    Peace of mind is found in my everyday activities.
    Peace of mind is the mind I us to make my own decisions.
    Peace of mind is the mind of a sober mind
    Peace of mind is mine to have... more »

  • Reminding Fear...

    Fear reminds me of what I left behind me.
    I look back I am surprise of the destruction I left behind

    I keep stepping and watching every step I step in front of me... more »

  • Self Esteem...

    I feel defined by the words you us
    I feel nervous by the way you move
    Is it real?
    Or is it my imagination that drives me to feeling the way I do?... more »

  • Set Me Free...

    Let me be
    Who I want to be
    It is no disrespect of you and me
    I do not carry any envy of the pass of you and me... more »

  • The Describtion Of A Womachild.....

    Description of Womachild!... more »