• The Road Is Long...

    The road was long.
    I have reached a new starting point
    My road is even longer now
    I will enjoy this road... more »

  • The Whoa

    There have been many roads in my life.
    All lead to dead ends.
    Filled with weeds and dead dreams.... more »

  • There Is Nothing...

    He kisses me on my neck and
    There is nothing.
    He moves up my neck
    There is nothing.... more »

  • Woman I Am...

    Woman I am
    I am meant to be loved and adored.
    Here I sit in disbelief
    That someone will love me for me... more »

  • Wrapped In Chocolate

    I love the way the chocolate taste when enter into my mouth.

    It covers my body with silkiness around my temple.
    This chocolate feels warm when it enters into the body.... more »

  • You Say No!

    Changing for the best I say
    You say no!
    Changing for my independence
    You say no!... more »