• A Call To Travel

    There is no rest in residence for a person of culture and intellect,
    so travel and leave where you're residing!... more »

  • A Person Wants

    A person wants to be given their lot of fate,
    But Allah refuses it to be except what He wishes.... more »

  • Allah Has Intelligent Slaves

    Verily, Allah has intelligent slaves
    They abandoned the dunya, and were cautious of its tribulations;... more »

  • By Yourself

    Nothing can scratch your skin quite like your own nails,
    So take care of all your affairs by yourself.... more »

  • Confusion

    If you are caught in confusion between two matters,
    And you don't know what is right and what is wrong.... more »

  • Egypt

    My soul has come to yearn for Egypt,
    And all other lands are lands of toil and emptiness.... more »

  • Every Type Of Enmity

    Every type of enmity can be turned into love,
    Except the enmity of he who hates you out of envy.... more »

  • Faults

    We find fault with the world, while the faults lie in our own selves.
    The world is not at fault; except that we are full of flaws.... more »

  • Friends

    I have accompanied a countless number of people,
    And I thought I had more than my share (of them),... more »

  • How Surprising

    How surprising that God can be disobeyed!
    Or that the unbeliever can deny Him so... more »

  • Love

    And from misery is that you love,
    and (the one) who you love,... more »

  • Never Be Saddened

    Never be saddened by what you lose in this world,
    When you have Islam and good health with you.... more »

  • O Hearer Of Supplications

    O Hearer of supplications, fulfil my expectations,
    And protect me from the evil of he whom You have power over.... more »

  • O You Who Seeks Glory And Strength

    O you who seeks glory and strength in this world and its glitter,
    Know that time comes over every building and builder.... more »

  • On Fatalism

    Not always wealth, not always force
    A splendid destiny commands;
    The lordly vulture gnaws the corpse
    That rots upon yon barren sands.... more »

  • Part From The Days

    Part from the days where you used to do as you wish
    And restrain your soul when the decree of Allah is ordained... more »

  • People

    "People will live amongst people, for as long as they live,
    For without doubt, fortune and goodness will come and go.... more »

  • The One Who I Love Was Sick

    "The one who i love was sick, so I visited him.
    And I became sick over my grief for his sickness... more »

  • They Said

    They said, ‘Ahmad (ibn Hanbal) visits you and you visit him!'
    I said, ‘Virtue cannot be separated from his home!... more »

  • To Live Free From Harm's Way

    If you want to live free from harm's way
    And in good fortune and honor,... more »

  • Travel Far Away

    The intelligent and refined find no rest in dwelling in one place,
    So leave your homeland and travel far away!... more »

  • When My Heart Hardened

    When my heart hardened and my ways narrowed
    My hope of your forgiveness towards You was my approach... more »