Muhammad Iqbal Behleem Biography

Mohammad Iqbal Behleem, Singer & Musician for Peace

I am a singer and musician devoted to the promotion of Peace through Music and I believe that music has the power to promote conflict transformation by Enhancing nonviolence, creativity and empathy. I want To work together with artists from throughout the world, for Love & Peace.

I believe music can transcend all barriers, and that it is a wonderful Means to express the powerful and dynamic love for life we all feel within ourselves. It is based on this passionate feeling that I love my family, my town Karachi and its people, that I love my wonderful country Pakistan, and that I Love the World and its six billion inhabitants, without any kind of Discrimination based On gender, age, class, nationality, cultural, religious or spiritual Background.

I also try to express love and respect for nature, rocks, Plants, flowers and animals, through my music.

I feel very fortunate to be able to express my passion for music and Peace as an audio producer, composer, songwriter, singer, computer musician and sound engineer.

My music can be heard on different T.V channels in Pakistan including Pakistan Television, Geo TV, ARY-Gold, Indus Vision and others. I have created And produced jingles, music for documentaries, title songs and background music for T.V programs, for numerous national and multinational clients including Add agencies and media companies in Pakistan. Please visit the 'My Music' section above for clips of upcoming musical works.

My Mission is to place my musical talents at the service of humanity, lending a helping hand to those suffering from injustice, with the goal of empowering them with hope and energy. I want to use the universal language of music to communicate the beauty of humanity and promote positive peace.

I look forward to working together with you for a better world through music, and love for life and people.

With Love, Music and Peace

Mohammad Iqbal Behleem
Universal Peace Ambassador
Love Ambassador