• A Poem

    There is a strange bitter taste in my mouth
    The crystal water as it strikes
    the rocky slabs
    tears me also into shreds... more »

  • A Poem For Marziyya

    Our flower-like children
    When sleeping early morning
    It looks as if fairies descending from clouds
    Are resting on silken bed-sheets... more »

  • Authorization

    The points is not
    whether your hair is wet or dry,
    whether it is still long or has been cropped,
    whether your cheeks are glowing or not;... more »

  • Cordova

    I wear no amour, I carry no sword,
    as I make my way down Andalusia
    through centuries of tears.... more »

  • I Was Not Good For Time

    I was not good for Time.
    Time therefore stood against me.... more »

  • Senility

    I am a park
    Come, sit here and laugh
    Bask in the sun
    and while your day away... more »