• Let Not The Roses Be Withered

    Where are the gardeners, the roses are withering?
    In the heat of selfishness in the beat of firing
    No where I can see the medicine found
    They all are helpless their death is bound... more »

  • Love Is Life

    When you go away from me
    My breath seems to be stopped
    My senses work no more
    My eyes see nothing... more »

  • The Circle

    A man was seen, in a circle
    With thin texture, face purple
    Was trying, to go out of it
    Tried again, to go out, shit... more »

  • The Development Of Man

    Million years before, after a great storm
    The Crown of creations was born
    With fifties feet height with five feet hair
    With powerful muscles with a face, fair... more »

  • The Terrorist

    In a big city, a voice was heard
    In the midnight near the grid
    Police was phoned to find it out
    Was he terrorist or a stuffed trout... more »

  • War Against Terorism

    What a great problem the world facing?
    Will you please come to the casing?
    A hundred thousands millions dollars
    Are going to be spent by the “scholars”... more »