My Name is Mohammad Raza Master. I am in Class IX-Computer of Fatimiyah Boys School.I am from Karachi, Pakistan. I want to be a computer eXpert and funny poet..Prey for me......


Muhammad Raza Master Poems

Chemistry (Funny) (Urdu)

Na Chmistry hoti na main Student hota
Na yeah Lab hoti Na Yeah Accident Hota

Abhi Practical main ayee nazar Ek Larki... more »

Danger..! ! (Funny)

I didn't chop my fingers.
They're just short and pink and fat.
I didn't chop my fingers
when I went CHOP, CHOP, like that!... more »

Last Day Of My School

That was the day when i met
My good friends during the sunset
And having many regrets
My last day at school... more »

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