• ‘love’ Is Not A Vain Word

    With a pride, with a delight
    I have inscribed
    The word ‘Love’ on the slate
    Of my heart and often think... more »

  • 21st Century (Composed In 1998)

    The added wisdom with the scornful use,
    Will add more to the human miseries.
    A century of conflicts, contending confusions,
    Blurring the minds, hearts, and vision,... more »

  • A Knock At Silence

    It is you who are knocking
    At my silence, you seem reading
    The worn out pages of my fascination
    Which have just strewn... more »

  • A Monologue On The Grave

    “You passed away and I am left behind,
    With your kids: two daughters and a son.
    Two years have passed since you have departed,
    And for me these proved the centuries.... more »

  • A Bare Message

    (An Acrostic Tribute To Mehdi Hassan)

    Mellowness of your melodies will remain
    Ever, forever in the world with us all behind,... more »

  • A Battle

    An effort to forsake you,
    A desire to remember,... more »

  • A Cargo Of Sins

    A sojourn in the sleep,
    Led me to the valley deep,
    I passed through forest thick,
    And high hills and crests,... more »

  • A Change

    Was this the face upon which,
    Beautified innocence danced and danced?

    How looks gazed, riveted untiringly!... more »

  • A Character

    Sometimes how our sable heinous deeds,
    Stifle conscience, hush inner voices,
    Lead to the zones of perpetual night.... more »

  • A Chase

    At one hot noon, in the month of Ramadan,
    A huge crowd of men and women,
    Young and old, in crude dresses,
    Looked to the same direction... more »

  • A Chasm In The Dim Light

    Light of the polestar then showed itself,
    Across the level of the sight,
    Embracing the firmament,
    From the spot where had been a grove... more »

  • A Chilled Soldier

    Amid the snow clad mountains,
    And cold valleys,
    I beheld beside the frozen waterfall,
    A chilled body of a soldier;... more »

  • A Chorus

    When at the moon-lit cold nights
    Came out we all the girls an boys,
    To be amused with hide and seek,
    The long low wailing howls of dogs,... more »

  • A Cipher

    I live in the world where the men
    Guarded by the guards with weapons,
    Having big vehicles and splendid houses,
    And enormous balances of the banks,... more »

  • A Collective Grave

    Now destiny does not give a chance
    To fathers and brothers, husband and son
    To wail and weep over each funeral;
    Good times have passed away... more »

  • A Collective Grave Of Traditions

    I have journeyed a long way,
    On never ending
    Route of time
    I have left far behind... more »

  • A Complaint

    Ah! I do know the winds shall blow,
    And the same old Titanic will me row,
    To the distant promised harbour,
    Where were placed my dear parents,... more »

  • A Conflict

    Deep darkness fears me at night,
    Sable thoughts surround me tight,
    Run I to the dark corners to escape,
    Wrestle against inner self and fight,... more »

  • A Corpse

    It was afternoon and the month of June
    The Sun shone full in the Asian skies,
    Sending down scorching rays,
    Enough to cause death to those who sleep,... more »

  • A Cottage Of Love Smashed

    An old-man after the burial of two sons,
    A daughter and his aged faithful wife,
    Began to search contents of the cottage,
    With anxious perturbed eyes... more »

  • A Cow Amid The Butchers

    Labour of the day
    Made me exhausted,
    Rocked into the valley of sleep,
    The world of strange happenings,... more »

  • A Cry

    The blind dungeon of the sleep
    Waits with jaws ajar,
    The scorpions dance in the fire,
    The river of pain is in flood,... more »

  • A Cry Yet Remains Behind

    You went across the seven seas,
    It seems as if several centuries have elapsed.
    The seasons of union came and went away,
    But all tired, exhausted.... more »

  • A Decision Of Silence

    Those who savour do know well the taste,
    The rest may form but the images abstract;
    Unsubstantial eyes penetrate deep into realities,
    But the carnal look with superficial glance.... more »

  • A Declined Desire

    Death dies herself and does not damage
    Those who advance ahead underailed,
    Following the prints of the wise pioneers
    Whom He imparts the secrets of wisdom.... more »