• Haikus

    The fire broke out,
    After the rain had poured down,
    No could escape, neither white nor brown.... more »

  • Half-Eaten Hopes

    I live on half-eaten hopes,
    Sitting amid the corpses,
    But I yearn for a miracle to be happened,
    That someone might breathe,... more »

  • Happy Birth Day

    (On The First Birthday Of My Grand-daughter Eliza Zainab)

    It is the wish of my soul, heart and brain
    May you have happy day time and again,... more »

  • Happy New Year 2011

    Happy, happy New Year,
    May it bring thousands
    Of good tidings for you
    And the world too.... more »

  • Have You Ever Thought

    Have you ever thought,
    Why the people migrate
    Leaving behind their dwellings;
    Any prefer to leave for the world unexplored.... more »

  • He Was Not A Stranger

    I awoke rubbing my eyes,
    For someone disturbed my sleep;
    A figure I witnessed in the light,
    The intruder made me perplexed,... more »

  • Hear Me!

    Hear me!
    I have to say you something,
    “After spreading colours on my face,
    Showing dreams to my eyes,... more »

  • Heart And Essence

    Magnificent among all creatures,
    Unique in matchless character,
    Humbleness clad in human form,
    Admired, praised by God Himself,... more »

  • Heed To Hither

    Heed to hither someone beckons you,
    Heed a little to my waiting eyes,
    Heed a little to the deserted route,
    Again is in the search of caravans of union.... more »

  • Helplessness

    The bird of heart,
    Swooped and swooped,... more »

  • Hope

    In the world of my heart,
    The sun of hope grows in such a way
    As a bud sprouts,
    And a thin beam of light falls, begins to pat,... more »

  • How Long

    How long we shall go on
    Increasing the rows of graves,
    How long we shall go on
    Extending boundaries of the graveyards,... more »

  • Hykos

    Melancholy of the wilderness
    Blocks the paths, she does not know
    The art how to hide behind the bushes.... more »

  • Hypocrisy Or Sincerity

    What sort of hearts your chests contain,
    What sort of brains your heads breed,
    That you operate upon eyes of the serpents blind,
    And you kiss lips of the leprous lions,... more »

  • I Am A Mother

    I am a mother and I know,
    My child,
    When and why calls me,
    What makes him weep,... more »

  • I Am Addressing You

    Today after a long time,
    I address you,
    What for? I don’t know.
    What should I say? I don’t know.... more »

  • I Am Appalled

    The deer is unafraid of the forest,
    The wild-cow is fearless of the meadows,
    The stag is not scared of drinking water
    Of the brook where hidden... more »

  • I Am Bent Upon

    I have cherished a desire for long,
    I have cherished a desire for long,
    To gift you the gift, the precious one,
    More precious than rubies and sapphires... more »

  • I Am Exhausted

    Exhausted is my mind, fatigue beaten is my body, pooped is the environment,
    Tired is the bright day; bushed is the dark night,
    And my sense sat at the house of worn-out breath.
    This environ prevails each side, everywhere,... more »

  • I Am Fond Of You

    He often said,
    “You are not fond of me.
    I responded,
    “It is just a dawn my Love!... more »

  • I Am Passing Through Strange Times

    In the confined room of life,
    Neither there is a miracle of the sun and shade,
    Nor the passion of rose and nightingale,
    Neither youth of the moonlight,... more »

  • I Am Ragged In Twain

    I am the discarded being,
    Discarded from the doors of heaven,
    Thrown into the abyss, upon the Earth.... more »

  • I Have Been Envelope

    The world demands,
    At each movement new affairs,
    New days, new nights,
    New eves and new morns,... more »

  • I Have To Do Yet A Lot Of Chores

    Someone plucked out my lashes,
    And twisted them into a cord,
    Then fastened my dreams,
    With the same cord,... more »

  • I Have To Say Something

    I have to say something,
    When you depart, go afar from me,
    A dark shawl of depression
    From somewhere,... more »