• In The Perspective Of Tsunami

    What a massive calamity leapt on you!
    All around is the clattering doom,... more »

  • Innocence

    O! The Dove of Peace,
    You bear the branch of olive in the beak,
    But you are in a state of war,
    Sitting on the muzzle of cannon... more »

  • It Is Possible

    It is possible that you
    From each word of love,
    May derive thousand of meanings,
    And then your yourself refute them.... more »

  • It Is Time To Come Into Senses

    O! Friend these gallant eyes,
    These pretty limbs of body,
    This splendid structure,
    On which the world is astonished.... more »

  • Journey At The Pitch Dark Night

    I journey through the wilderness,
    Pitch dark night,
    Drowsing moments,
    Harassed Earth,... more »

  • Kanti Ma Ma

    When I beheld you for the first time,
    You face looked a piece of poesy;
    Today after years I see the same poem,
    But meaning of the poem,... more »

  • Karachi

    Karachi contained in its existence,
    The dance of deer, on each moment,
    And on each moment the peacocks
    Of life used to skip.... more »

  • Known And Unknown

    O! The denizens of the earth
    Who will disclose the place where
    The captured terrorists are confined,
    No one knows what has been told by them... more »

  • Lamentation

    Yesterday at noon
    A farmer,
    Was run over by a Parado,
    Blood splattered the road,... more »

  • Let Him Do

    If he is true to his claims,
    He should have coloured me
    In his own colour,
    He should have ruled over my heart,... more »

  • Let Me Listen To

    Let me compose,
    New songs of springs,
    Do not lend my eyes,
    Autumnal tinge.... more »

  • Let Me Talk To The Wind

    Let me talk to the wind,
    We have to tell the complaint,
    That we nourished against her,
    Often it knocks at the doors,... more »

  • Let The Sun Arise A Bit

    (Written By Iqbal Tariq Translated By Muhammad Shanazar)

    Let the sun arise a bit,
    Many tears of mine,... more »

  • Let Us Compose A Poem

    Let us compose a poem,
    In the drizzle of Monsoon,
    Or in a small valley,
    On the moments,... more »

  • Let Us Confess

    O! My love,
    Separation of centuries
    Ensued between us,
    But the son of love... more »

  • Let Us Exchange (A Message To The Nations At War)

    Let us exchange the fresh red roses,
    Sweet smelling scents and perfumes,
    And the restless palpitating hearts too.
    Uproot the thorny weeds of disgust,... more »

  • Let Us Go To The Beach

    Let us go to the beach
    To weave a golden net
    With the lashes,
    Dive deep into the ocean,... more »

  • Let Us Grow

    How dingy is the Earth!
    The Night has confined It too,
    Come! Let us all grow the moons.... more »

  • Let Us Suppose

    Let us suppose,
    In case you had been faithful,
    I would see the dream of life,
    Expostulate with the fortune,... more »

  • Liaqat Bagh (2)

    (A Poem for Benazeer Bhutto)

    Let blood shouldn’t be congealed,
    It shouldn’t come on the tips of tongues,... more »

  • Life How I Curse Thee

    Life I curse thee
    Like an old haggard gloomy bat,
    Why do you pierce your claws in my eyes.
    All day long you lick the skeleton of my dreams,... more »

  • Life-Line

    Life is loaded with the episodes,
    Many dismal but a few cheerful.
    My son died,
    A short awhile after his birth,... more »

  • Light

    Light has been murdered
    In the funeral
    Darkness stands... more »

  • Lines Of Wisdom

    One who walks in a company of his own shadow,
    In fact dies of each new dimension.

    The thick tree that overshadows us all... more »

  • Lingering Moments

    I know not why the nights are tangled in my loneliness,
    I know not why the winds have stopped
    With no reason apparent,
    I know not why silences are lamenting all around,... more »