• Love

    Love is life
    And the whole stuff of life,
    The sun floating around... more »

  • Love Gets Crushed

    Lust when possesses the heart,
    And rises Its head through earth of wisdom,
    At the very moment
    When life makes Lust its nucleus,... more »

  • Love Is Like Sand

    I said it too,
    Love is like sand,
    It slips down through fingers,
    But some grains stick with the palm,... more »

  • Love: A Gift

    Love is a gift
    For the Special Ones,
    It is fragrance of the roses,
    Shyness,... more »

  • Love: A Miracle

    Love is light, a melody,
    A strange inexpressible taste it has,
    It possesses invincible the strength,
    Sometimes digs a range of mountains,... more »

  • Love: A Mystery

    (Written By Javed Ahmed Translated By Muhammad Shanazar)

    O! Love your existence is mysteriously baffling,
    You are in the scattered shattered heart,... more »

  • Love: Perfect Beauty

    He says, “What quality of mine you like the most?
    I neither have the complexion so bright,
    Nor form and features worth-referring,
    Nor lips well shaped,... more »

  • Madness Or Faithfulness

    Every evening in front the mirror,
    She sits to adorn herself
    With faith and light of hope in the eyes.
    A strange happiness spreads over her face,... more »

  • Magnetic Force

    With the Baraat we went amid the pipes,
    Peeling forth the sounds casting magic,
    And rhythmic beats of the drum beaters,
    Did lead us to the fairy world of negation;... more »

  • Make A Search

    Search in the world of eyes,
    Yes those eyes,
    Where your reflection lives,
    Where the moon and the star shimmer,... more »

  • Meeting In The World Of Whims

    Ah! I cannot touch you,
    And you cannot cuddle me,
    If I hold you it will be adultery,
    Yes; banned deed of the hands.... more »

  • Millennium To Millennium

    Bearing the corpse of clear sunny day,
    Upon the shoulder when I went out,... more »

  • Mirror

    The mirror-maker makes a mirror
    And sees It thousands of times
    But he doesn't think,
    Perhaps It doesn't have time spare,... more »

  • Modes Of Love

    Who can forget,
    Pages of the bulky book of life,
    Even though
    They are torn to pieces.... more »

  • Mother

    O! Mother,
    When dust rises
    From underneath your steps,
    Something echoes... more »

  • Museum

    Here is a museum, mine, yours or of all,
    Here exists a lot, to show and get showed,
    But keep your senses composed,
    Do not get your astuteness baffled,... more »

  • My Caravan

    I have thought,
    If my half-travelled journey
    Becomes successful,
    Sitting somewhere,... more »

  • My Daughter Demands For Crayons

    For the last several days,
    My daughter has been insisting upon me,
    “Mom I need twenty four long pencils of colours,
    My friend has gifted me a book of sketches... more »

  • My Dear People

    How long my dear people,
    How long we shall sprinkle essence of rose,
    And smoulder fragrant contents.
    How long we shall burn grates of hatred,... more »

  • My Destination

    Get me crossed the river,
    My heart dawdles on the bank,
    While making foot-prints
    On the stretched shawl of sand,... more »

  • My Destiny

    I see standing on the shore of an ocean,
    Mellifluous quavering shades of twilight
    On the torso of never-ending waves,
    I go on seeing unless the milieu becomes the portion of my existence.... more »

  • My Epitaph

    Here lies helpless,
    The unyielding Pride,
    That neglected the Guide;
    The chaser of lust,... more »

  • My Existence

    Who am I? Ask me not.
    What am I for? Ask me not.
    How I spent life amid the besieging trenches?
    Ask me not this too.... more »

  • My Head Bows Before The Quill

    In the dale of death,
    I have taken the risk of favouring life,
    I have been entrusted an obligation
    To contemplate,... more »

  • My Heart Desires

    My heart wishes that I should pick
    Thorns scattered on your path,
    I should exchange my pleasures with your sorrows,
    And drink all hotness of the sunlight... more »