• On The Fall Of Dhaka

    When we all were small girls and boys,
    And played with dolls, and ball like toys,
    Were often asked to drift and lead the cattle;
    To the nearby meadows, farms and forest,... more »

  • On The Grave Of My Brother

    The spot where now I sand was empty,
    Undisturbed for the years, only tufts of grass swayed,
    But now filled in with a heap of fresh dug earth:
    The grave of my brother.... more »

  • On The Iceland Of Purgatory

    The waves were beheaded,
    The shore was annoyed to,
    In the whirlpool of loneliness,
    The oars got lost,... more »

  • On The Lost Diamond

    O! People,
    I have lost the Diamond,
    And washed,
    The wounds with tears,... more »

  • On The Night

    The beauteous bride dressed in black,
    Whose fair forehead is adorned,
    With a huge round piece of gold,
    Glowing galaxies are fretted,... more »

  • On The Nine Eleven

    What deed did you do? What gain did you gain?
    O! The sons Cain, the sons of Cain, the sons of Cain.
    Why did you cause on the earth perpetual pain?
    O! The sons Cain, the sons of Cain, the sons of Cain.... more »

  • On The Second Day

    I went through
    This busy bazaar
    Here sat a man... more »

  • On The Threshold Of 2010

    Days blend into weeks, and weeks into months,
    Months make years, and years compose centuries.

    I stand on the verge of 2009: the threshold of 2010,... more »

  • On The Tree

    The cool benevolent,
    Shadowy branches,
    Thick and dark,
    Extended all sides around,... more »

  • On The War

    The war, and exhibition of human shreds,
    A show of skulls, flesh, blood and bones,
    A bestial game, turning men into beasts,
    And abhorrent spot on the fair forehead,... more »

  • One Day

    One day the life got,
    One day the life lived,
    One day conversed to the nights,
    One day got another day to talk,... more »

  • One Evening

    When I peeped
    Into the ocean of your eyes,
    I went on seeing it
    Time and again.... more »

  • Only One Blessing

    I can pay least,
    Gratitude to God,
    Only for the one blessing,
    That He made me,... more »

  • Our Bones Are Of Iron Made

    (Written when my country had a threat)

    My heart does beat,
    Pulse does pulsate,... more »

  • Owners Of The New Plaza

    (A poem on a dialogue)

    “Lo! The wrath of God.”
    “These earth-quakes do not respect Pakhtunkhaw.”... more »

  • Pain

    (A poem for Narender)

    O Friend! What is pain how should I describe to you,
    Pain is a black streak in the transparent mirror,... more »

  • Paradox

    A crawling worm on the wall,
    Vanishes, goes out of sight,
    Whether it reaches on the other end,
    Of the wall or falls in between,... more »

  • Peace On The Battled Plain

    The soldiers have returned,
    After a victorious expedition,
    They are descending from the ship,
    Harboured ashore, some are singed... more »

  • Peace Was A Dream

    Alas! A dove sitting today
    On the termite-eaten branch of peace,
    Looks sometime towards the garden
    And sometime towards her curtailed wings.... more »

  • Peace Will Be On The Earth

    When wars launched for peace,
    Will finish by consuming their ferocity,
    And they will eliminate,
    The signs of life on the Earth,... more »

  • Pedants

    Beneath your curly lock
    Your pedants shine,
    They enrich more
    The glow of your splendour,... more »

  • Perception

    Stop me not from committing sins,
    The sin is a reality for when it is realized,
    From the glow of its perception,
    The lights of contrition and piety sprout,... more »

  • Permission

    It was a strange day,
    It is a strange night
    How much restless is in our bodies,
    The surging blood;... more »

  • Phoenix

    A dream of the whole age
    Is hidden only in one kiss,
    What should I tell in which hearth I placed
    The wood of fate-line of the palm,... more »

  • Pity

    He demanded
    My eyes from me,
    The black lace of lashes,
    Shy rosiness of the cheeks,... more »