• The Bare Truth

    Written By Sughra Sadaf
    Translated By Muhammad Shanazar

    Wilderness of your eyes,... more »

  • The Best Service

    O! Friends, where have gone the old preachings,
    Of the divine prophets and of the saints teachings?

    Why has Man averted His eyes, His heart and face,... more »

  • The Birds Do Not Stopover Now

    The birds do not stopover now;
    The desolate tree of my yard,... more »

  • The Birds Of Peace

    No one Knows,
    When and where to,
    The birds of peace,
    From the crop of time,... more »

  • The Black Clouds

    Never had I seen the blacker clouds,
    As I do witness encroaching them now,
    Emerging from filthy firmament,
    In the grim sky of the West,... more »

  • The Black Dog

    When I was mischievous and playful,
    My dreadful uncle made me afraid of dog,
    Soon I became horrid and pale,
    My mother sheltered me in her lap,... more »

  • The Black Roses

    Yesterday morn we blossomed,
    With the brave show of colours,
    And shades dark, deep and dim,
    Combined with fresh tenderness;... more »

  • The Bond Of Remembrance

    Which is the bond of remembrance
    That I have to recall you,
    Neither have I seen
    The glow of stars in your eyes,... more »

  • The Builders

    Who knows what loss do we meet,
    When spend moments of the life spoilingly,
    And lazily surfeit the mouth of lust,
    Turning back to the pure deeds of purity,... more »

  • The Bunged Doors

    At the noon outside my working place,
    I heard hue and cry of the crows,
    Just amid the grove of the trees,
    They cawed as if some colossal calamity fell upon them,... more »

  • The Burial Of Tragedy

    Recollection of childhood,
    Takes me behind to the past,
    The memories,
    Sometimes make me sad,... more »

  • The Catastrophic End

    Humanity can not help making
    The devilish weapons,
    Each nation is running the race
    Of inventing the fatal devices... more »

  • The Clarion Call

    O! My Motherland,
    Respond! Speak!
    Why are you so down cast?
    Why have your beats of heart become still?... more »

  • The Coin Of Death

    Come! Let us steal redness from the blood,
    Leisure from the time,
    And a little warmth from the sun,
    Then let us drive sinking pulsations... more »

  • The Cold Stars

    It is sweet madness, insanity,
    Or something else?
    If anyone knows,
    He should teach me the malady.... more »

  • The Complaining Cries

    The gushing blows of the future wind,
    Bring echoes of the distant voices,
    Complaining Cries of the descendants,
    Against muddling refined pure nature,... more »

  • The Congealed Dew

    Though I move in the multitude,
    0f men, women tall, thin, fat, small,
    Yet find no breast or a shoulder,
    To rest upon my head to shed tears,... more »

  • The Crop Of Feet

    When She emerged out
    Of the layers of centuries,
    Somewhere she confronted,
    The moments devoid of peace,... more »

  • The Dance Of Darkness

    Though in the later years I was born,
    Yet history makes me forlorn,... more »

  • The Daughter Of A Stone Crusher

    "I am a daughter of a stone crusher,
    Poverty is my progeny,
    In sweltering heat at noon
    I work with my parents,... more »

  • The Daughter Of Eve

    Who sorts out scraps of sustenance,
    Bending upon the hump of smelly trash,
    And picks up the sucked eaten bones,
    Stuffs them into spacious juty sack,... more »

  • The Daughters

    (Dedicated to Atika Iram: My Daughter)
    Blessings are the daughters,
    Sin is to discard, disdain them;
    They make the house alive, vibrant,... more »

  • The Days Are Lengthened

    Who knows where have gone
    Half dreamt distorted dreams
    Snug in quilts,
    The dervish of moisty... more »

  • The Demons Of Follies

    Often at dark nights,
    When I rest my head on the pillow,
    To relax myself, to calm down tedium of the day,
    And put down the lids of my eyes,... more »

  • The Descending Sun

    Unheeded forsaken beauty,
    With a faint pale deep-golden countenance,
    Looks behind as if annoyed
    On going through the dismal experience... more »