• A Deformed Angel

    Sometimes life gives us severe shock,
    Undermines the plans and does block,
    The ways of wisdom leading ahead,
    Reveals the hands that secretly mock.... more »

  • A Desire

    I wish I were a seasonal bird,
    That travels flying around the world,
    With sweet companionship of a partner,
    Whose heart knows nothing except,... more »

  • A Devotee… (An Acrostic)

    Fineness combined with all delicacies,
    Affects both adamant hearts and minds,
    Kneels and bows only before Almighty,
    Humility, grace in perfect womanhood,... more »

  • A Dialogue To Immanuel Kants

    We prefer,
    Beauty to the duty,
    Cruelty to mercy,
    Luxury to morality,... more »

  • A Dream

    Alongside the wide gray road stood I,
    To watch a procession passed by,
    Of the damsels, rather all in teen,
    Of the same size height and colour,... more »

  • A Dream Of Innocence

    (A dream I dreamt when I was only four years old)

    Hardly was I old years four,
    Went through an experience unforgettable.... more »

  • A Dream Of Some Other Soil

    The sky of my own share
    Has wreathed Himself
    With the cover of monotony;
    And my eyes,... more »

  • A Drop

    Let me take vintage from the looks,
    Blue, reddish and deep dreamy,
    For transient is the taste of wine,
    But a drop sipped from the eyes,... more »

  • A Family Of Seven

    I have heard “The mirror tells not a lie, ’
    I assuming myself the gorgeous one
    Abased in front of the looking-glass.
    I was one but the reflections were seven... more »

  • A Flipping Vision

    Some flipping visions leave behind,
    Gripping influence on the mind,
    They do refresh us more and more,
    When are recalled to be flavoured,... more »

  • A Folly

    The fortunate make the choices well,
    When chance and fate ring the bell,
    And bring them to the moments of acceptance,
    Their prayers are granted bounteously,... more »

  • A Forest In The Garden

    A Gardener with saintly vision,
    Planted a garden making its division,
    Into the zones two.... more »

  • A Fragment

    I am a dot and infinity around,
    The dot is then tightly bound,
    With a rope of fate, chain of chance;
    How should I move on the ground.... more »

  • A Giant

    Often my mind baffles,
    And the stock of wisdom ends,
    When I think with wonder upon
    The amazingly perplexing figure.... more »

  • A Guiding Whisper

    Ah! My mind often brings me behind,
    To the unpolluted visionary age,
    When my heart wished to dissolve,
    Physical entity of my own being,... more »

  • A Hidden Curtain

    That night came,
    Came and went back too,
    The spell of moments,
    Of your union changed me at all.... more »

  • A Joint Feeling

    I did not see The Lord,
    But I felt myself in front
    Of His Mighty Court of Justice,
    Along with numerous men,... more »

  • A Knock

    Ere the weapons,
    Dispose us all, we should
    Dispose the weapons.... more »

  • A Law-Abiding Car

    While I was on the highway,
    A car passed by,
    Driven by a scholarly man,
    Clean saved, and hair... more »

  • A Leg On The Shoulder

    I beheld,
    A middle aged man,
    With an amputated leg,
    Laming on crutches,... more »

  • A Lie

    A lie though goes on unpunished,
    Is not to be concealed;
    The cheater though thousands of times,
    Beguiles the world whole,... more »

  • A Long Journey

    We have journeyed
    A journeyed long,
    But why the steps have stopped
    On this very step.... more »

  • A Longing

    Sometimes some serene spectacles,
    Make me mad when wondering,
    Think I on flavorous sweetness,
    Experienced I soaring through spheres,... more »

  • A Mare

    The mare is one,
    Numerous are the riders
    To ride on,
    They ride on turn by turn,... more »

  • A Message Of Peace

    You cannot win the race of progress,
    While spending all resources on war
    And playing a game with blood
    Of innocent sons of the mothers, on the borders,... more »