• The Truth Lies Prostrate

    O! God descend from the heights,
    To console my restless heart in the chest,
    I have to swim across the Mediterranean,
    Infuse courage into my flesh and bones,... more »

  • The Valiant

    The valiant advance ahead with grace,
    Prefer the death of honour to disgrace,
    And they beautify the pages of history,
    When waves of tyranny run and race.... more »

  • The Village Of Deceptions

    The world O! Friend,
    Is a village of deceptions,
    No deference is observed
    Behind the pardas.... more »

  • The Wall Of Sand

    If it falls,
    Let it fall hundreds of times,
    It is useless
    To make him understand,... more »

  • The Winds

    The winds of each ending year,
    Scatter the string of glassy hopes,
    The next refreshes my courage, faith,
    Invites to walk on suspended ropes.... more »

  • The World

    The world is an apt wide moving market,
    Around a huge enormous shining globe,
    That makes the trade smooth and plain,
    Brightens its stalls, shops and taverns,... more »

  • The World Lacks Patience

    My world burns,
    Its cities, towns and villages,
    Plains, valleys and hills,
    And the tops of mountains,... more »

  • The World Sinking Into Blood

    There had been times,
    When possibilities of the dawn emerged
    In my world,
    Life awoke from the slumber,... more »

  • The Younger Brother Of Miss. Covet

    I make Her sing, I make Her dance,
    Dance ball and ballet with high feet,
    I make Her sell the elegance of Her being,
    I make Her allow others touch,... more »

  • Then Rule The World

    O! White-men armoured from top to toe,
    You are uniformed like perturbed ghosts,
    With helmets, visors and gasmasks,
    Loaded with launchers, guns and grenades,... more »

  • Then There Is A Gang Of Non Believers

    Earth isn’t thirsty,
    Earth is never this thirsty,
    But those who register,
    Small pieces of land in their names... more »

  • There Exists Someone Around

    Written By Sughra Sadaf
    Translated By Muhammad Shanazar

    There is someone around,... more »

  • There Had Been Such A House

    There had been such a house
    Among other ones,
    Where loneliness sipped me drop by drop,
    We used to spend our dark nights... more »

  • Think Awhile

    What kind of this discourse is of acrimonious moments, On one side I and on the other you,
    In between is a mound of ice,
    In the spectacle of aloofness
    Nothing but a pang of separation.... more »

  • This Exhausted Day

    This exhausted day
    Passed away for nothing,
    Evening on the sleeves of moments,
    Has been mending patches... more »

  • This Exhausted Moon

    This exhausted moon
    Is the dream of someone’s eyes,
    Those eyes which have been penalized
    For being awake.... more »

  • Thoughts Descend

    Thoughts descend,
    They come down
    From the world unexplored;
    In the forms of waves,... more »

  • Three Graves

    Early in the morn, into the ooze
    There lay three sacks;
    All tied tight with thin cords of polythene.
    The sacks were muddy, blood seeped out... more »

  • Three Suns

    The sooty hands guide to the black lands,
    Where eyed and uneyed do become equal,
    And the victims swell priding upon blindness.
    How should I praise the Laudable Lord,... more »

  • Thumping Sounds

    Youth time dream like slipped away,
    Sweet scented memories still lay,
    In my mind, of childhood, of innocence.... more »

  • Time

    Time is the ultimate healer,
    Of wounds deep and grievous,
    Soaks the tears to bring them afresh,
    A thing mazy round, braided coiled,... more »

  • Time And Space

    Time and Space existed
    Before the First Creation,
    Before the First Cause,
    And the First Consequence,... more »

  • Time Will Warble

    The streets beckon me,
    Display me the same sights,
    The heads bent on the sills,
    The same motionless puppets,... more »

  • To The Banyan Tree

    “Oh! Overshadowing, evergreen Banyan,
    Where have gone my vivacious playmates,
    Who climbed up your reverend shoulders,
    Clambered down by lowering, lurking roots?... more »

  • To The Bees

    O! Little Bees,
    You are regarded,
    The little flying insects,
    Devoid of common sense,... more »