• To The Departing Daughter

    Making the house, the yard, the streets desolate,
    To depart is the daughter’s perennial fate,
    May upon your head overshadow benedictions,
    To shield you against sufferings, thorns of hate,... more »

  • To The Eid Crescent


    Oh, Crescent!
    Be blessed with the moments pleasant,... more »

  • To The Shadow Of My Own

    I remember you my attendant,
    You have been with me since I was born;
    I recall the moment when I saw you for the first time,
    I was appalled thinking you some small agent... more »

  • Today Is Your Birthday

    ... more »

  • Transparent Waters

    Begin thoughts scrub the surface,
    Remove rust, wash the sable spots
    Of eyes, of heart and of dark mind;
    But the diabolic coat a layer upon a layer,... more »

  • Travellers

    Dreams in the eyes
    Are travellers, who
    The moment when dawn approaches,
    Begin to depart from my eyes,... more »

  • True Kingdom

    The wind storm blew,
    The green leaves flew,... more »

  • Tsunami

    From the slumber deep, the Lord Monster awoke,
    The subterranean walls, the doors of hovel He broke,
    Unleashing the force of mighty muscles, and limbs,
    “Intend I to see the world.” to the Vice He spoke.... more »

  • Two Elderly Men On The Bench Of A Park

    On the soggy bench of a park,
    A feeble elderly man in silence,
    Was looking to the sky with wide opened eyes.... more »

  • Unexpressed Cries

    (Written on the deaths of infants when Israel attacked Palestine)

    O! I came into your world
    Not with my own will... more »

  • Union

    It is a branch of flowers
    Or some celestial world of comforts,
    I see,
    A couple of birds,... more »

  • Unrequited Desire

    These open spaces, these scenes,
    These verses of the poem, these dreams,
    These days and nights of my life,
    These loitering steps of Lunacy... more »

  • Vancouver, Delhi And Manuscript Of My Poem

    Several years ago,
    A poem I wrote in English
    While I stayed in Vancouver.
    Today I found the manuscript... more »

  • Vengeance

    A few are considerate and truly nice,
    Who mange the world very well;
    The rest do the deed of mice,
    Gnaw woven thread of fabric;... more »

  • Vessel Of The Heart

    From this world
    To that one,
    From that world
    To this one,... more »

  • Voices Of Silence

    In the heart of Sound,
    The voices of Silence are seeking for an abode,
    Who knows since when the ominous shadows have been pasted on the boundary wall and on the door?
    For how long Dust has been settling on the exhausted countenance of the Evening?... more »

  • Waiting For The Dot

    See my love!
    You said me, “Go on lucky.”
    And I went on,
    I did not remember you,... more »

  • Walima (Wedding Dinner)

    A ceremony where hidden absurdities,
    Underneath the rustling dresses, coated skin,
    Painted lips, combed hair and shaved faces,
    Come up shamelessly to jump at the opportunity.... more »

  • Washed Beauty (An Acrostic)

    Love emitting origin, beaming a faint
    Yellow pink glow of light, and sweeps
    Nips thorns of darkness: the debris of
    Night that makes the world bitter harsh.... more »

  • We Are Hearts And Hands

    Be not annoyed with me,
    Those who go asunder
    On the winding route
    Are in fact alien since beginning.... more »

  • We Confront A Journey Very Long

    The moments
    Which were inscribed
    On the slate of heart,
    I have gone through,... more »

  • We Dust The Eyes

    We the men and women of the world,
    Remain annoyed
    With brothers, sisters and fellow beings;
    Spend lives... more »

  • We Since Age

    We since ages have bent upon,
    To make friends with scorpions and snakes,
    But these limbs, muscles and network f veins
    Have not gone through the agony of exercise.... more »

  • What A Small Poem It Will Be!

    I have written a lot yet it seems
    Nothing has been penned,
    I have to sketch yet
    The countenance of my dream,... more »

  • What Are The Wages Of Labour Journey

    My so-called friends you dawdle
    Having in hands,
    Khaiwat, Khasra, Latha and Gardawari,
    Your Jareeb is not long enough to measure,... more »