• Words Became Christ

    I have been beguiled,
    Thousands of times,
    And wrecked my house,
    With my own hands.... more »

  • Would That I Were Plumeria

    Would that I were plumeria,
    A flower clean and spotless,
    In the day would bask in the sun,
    At night ply with beams of the moon.... more »

  • Write Not On Waters

    Write not on waters,
    To write on waters is not a good practice.
    Whatever you write on them,
    Whether it is meeting or parting,... more »

  • Written For Narendar (2)

    The portrait was half,
    Merely a few letters, images and colours there were,
    And there was peeping a turmoil
    To which was linked restless of my eyes.... more »

  • Written For Narendar (3)

    My this poem is not a panegyric,
    Might be it, you do not like,
    It is not that I wrote not panegyrics,
    When I wrote,... more »

  • Written For Narender (1)

    The day was delightful,
    When each window of its baradari
    Was unbolted the door was wide open.
    The sky was replete with flights,... more »

  • Written On The Wall

    Everywhere stands Death as sentinel,
    In the world
    Becoming devoid of peace and love,
    And the supporters of Death... more »

  • Xeranthemum

    Decently made and decently formed,
    Embodiment of chastity and innocence,
    Supports them who walk a faltering gait,
    Pours out she pure sentiments of heart,... more »

  • Yasrab

    (In the memory of a daughter buried alive in Pre-Islamic times.)

    O! Father where are we going to? Bazaar!
    What will you buy for me?... more »

  • Yes I Am Friendless

    Yes, I am friendless,
    Yes, he showed me a dream,
    Then made me a victim of his tyranny;
    When the train of my tears broke,... more »

  • You

    You are in my heart, only you,
    Like a poem of Keats,
    Like a swarm of butterflies,
    Like a cluster of clouds,... more »

  • You Are Fallen In Love

    When the clouds move swaying to the desert,
    The roses scent the air lacerating the rocks,
    The grains of sand become a galaxy,
    The moon becomes envious on seeing the earth,... more »

  • You Are My Dream

    You are my dream!
    I know dreams often
    Turn into agony;
    The warmth of smouldering desires... more »

  • You Claim To Be True

    You claim to be true,
    I tell no lie to you too,
    You bring me tidings of good times,
    That they will come too,... more »

  • You Enjoy Yourself Immunity

    Rob us of
    Whatever you like,
    Deprive us of
    Whatever you wish,... more »

  • You Forgot Me At Last

    In the despised season,
    In the dripping drops of blood,
    Only awakens sadness.... more »

  • You Have Cast Me Off

    I was the only one,
    Who caressed your all wounds;
    I was the only one, my Love!
    Who with pens of my lashes,... more »

  • You Never Loved

    You had no experience of love,
    If loved why you didn’t ask
    From paths about the destination,
    You might have written... more »

  • You Were In A Hurry To Depart

    You were in a hurry to depart,
    So in haste of departure,
    You have left behind the beams of your touch,
    The angles of your gaze,... more »

  • Your Presence

    I just only know you were there,
    If my breaths felt you, perhaps
    I might believe in your presence.

    If only a drop of your emotions,... more »

  • Your Tone Is Twisting

    The earth is the same,
    And the sky is the same too;
    This heart is an ocean,
    And the eyes are its whirlpools,... more »