• A Race

    Thinking on the childish longings,
    Makes me laugh and takes again,
    To the golden age when I played,
    With the boys of the same size and age,... more »

  • A Recipe For Peace

    Peace is though difficult
    Yet not impossible to uphold,
    All the kings of the states
    Must remain self-concerned,... more »

  • A Refugee's Monologue

    We were a family that lived in the valley,
    Amid the houses wrapped in peace and serenity,
    Whose structures took bath at every night,
    In the glow of moon and stars, contentment overflowed... more »

  • A Relief

    We had a firm belief
    That NATO certainly
    Will give us a relief
    In Drone attacks... more »

  • A Reverie

    (An Acrostic Tribute In Respect Of Saman Roy)

    Sweet honeyed words slip
    Adding to the enthralling charm of her... more »

  • A Reverie (2)

    A path in the wilderness,
    Laden with petals,
    Adorned for us,
    And we hail from a distant spot,... more »

  • A Ruined Wait

    There exists only reflection
    Of the same mirror,
    My love and
    Bewilderment of your lovers.... more »

  • A Rushing Tide

    I mounted on the stake of love,
    And forsook smiles and laughter;
    Now my heart is open
    Like unstitched wounds.... more »

  • A Shadow

    Often I stood
    At a corner of the street,
    And waited for you,
    Sometimes weaved... more »

  • A Sheet Of Shroud

    A vast amphitheatre
    Of snow extends beyond the sight,
    Peaks behind peaks stretch
    To the skyline, only unsullied... more »

  • A Shoulder I Need

    Need I nothing but a shoulder to prop,
    To place upon my head, the tears to shed.
    The tormenting existence, worries of life,
    The cruel pangs of the heart are resolved,... more »

  • A Song

    Awake lass!
    Move around the spinning wheel,... more »

  • A Song By Jagdish Prakash

    Since when you came,
    The atmosphere became a galaxy,
    The bud a panorama of roses,
    The ambitions became young,... more »

  • A Song Of The Lost Generations

    A swarm of the birds came down,
    Passed by caressing water.
    O age!
    O age of the caravans!... more »

  • A Spectacle At Loftiness

    I stand here in the Pleasure-world,
    There stretches all-around
    A galaxy of spectacles,
    And these spectacles bear... more »

  • A Spectacle In The Twin Cities

    In front of the Savours
    Was placed a trash container
    By the municipality,
    The people came and went back... more »

  • A Strange Desire

    I wish I could write a word,
    Out of multitude of thousands,... more »

  • A Stranger In The City Of Spell

    In the dusty mirrors of centuries,
    Who are these murky shadowed people?
    Someone should resolve,
    To me what the reality of Time is,... more »

  • A Substitute

    A spring came,
    With no bud or flower,... more »

  • A Tale Has So Many Modes

    A Tale has so many modes,
    Sometime smiles,
    And sometime hums,
    Sometime scares,... more »

  • A Thought

    Often at the clear starry nights,
    Stand on the brim of calm lake,
    Thinking, if your hand catches mine,
    To plunge into the abyss of eternity... more »

  • A Tingled Nation

    We are a nation too gullible to suspect,
    Deceived and tingled, time and again.
    Experience imparts us no wisdom,
    When we stumble, stones open not the eyes.... more »

  • A Touch

    My fingers,
    Fondle through the hair of your chest
    In such a way as the breeze blows,
    Rustling singing through the woods,... more »

  • A Treasure

    Packed in an old trunk,
    Beneath the worn-out garments,
    And the torn pieces of paper,
    Amid the charms and devices of spell,... more »

  • A Trial Of Strength

    Hard, narrow and straight is the route,
    Those who are un-backed fall headlong soon,
    The devotees face slippery spot at each step,
    And go through a trial of strength.... more »