• A Tribute

    Quintessence of radiance in the days utter of dark,
    Unparallel among the guides, fairly upto the mark,... more »

  • A Veteran Of The World War Ii

    In my early days of childhood, I beheld a man,
    He was in eighties with thin wobbly, shaky legs,
    Slits slots were on his heels, broken were his boots.... more »

  • A Visit To The Deserted House

    Ah! The ties of the golden age have been razed,
    Removed by the sharp double edged razor of time,
    The whole period swings before my invisible eyes,
    The memories spring up like impatient mushrooms,... more »

  • A Wall Of Mist

    There where the grey morns,
    In the peaceful environs,
    Wove the dream of lovely life,
    At the same spot,... more »

  • A Warning

    Take care of your eyes,
    For there remain many calamities yet behind,
    Dreams remain yet behind,
    Chill of the season has stung the roses,... more »

  • A Way To Homage (A Message For The Pakistani Nation)

    The fairest land whereupon we move,
    Our children pace with out iron-bands,
    Free with priceless blessing of liberty,
    Contains beneath crust of soft surface,... more »

  • A Whisper

    One rainy morning in the month of August,
    To collect the scattered scraps of sustenance,
    Went I out as birds leave the nests,
    Disperse to find a chance and luck,... more »

  • Abstract Images

    Blood and bones of fifty bodies,
    Laid mixed and mingled,
    Legs here arms there
    Of men: young and old,... more »

  • Achievement

    It was his habit to say,
    “I had only thought of you,
    And loved you since centuries,
    Then became successful... more »

  • Acquaintance Of The Wretched

    No one is benefited,
    From acquaintance of the wretched,
    Just like a vine as if
    One trails upon the acacia tree... more »

  • After Seeing You

    I was acquainted
    With light earlier too,
    But when I beheld
    The radiance of your eyes... more »

  • After The Tempest

    The night encroached knocking the door,
    And when the bolt unbolted, the sound mixed... more »

  • After You Had Gone

    Only a little happened
    At last
    After you had gone,
    Love, fondness, faith and trust,... more »

  • Alien Eyes

    He in whose name I breathed,
    Whose name remained on my lips,
    He crept in such a way as that each
    Recess of my being became fragrant.... more »

  • Alien Moments

    The days are backward,
    The nights are disrupted,
    A dialogue of centuries occurs
    In the union of moments,... more »

  • Ambitions

    O! What has happened to you?
    What are you doing?
    Pay heed to my urge,
    I have to do yet a lot of work,... more »

  • Amending Fate

    Though inevitable are the writings,
    Of fate, of divine moving hands,
    Yet wishful efforts, tears of sincerity,
    Heaving of burning serious sighs,... more »

  • Amid The Winds Of December

    (On The Departure of December,2008)

    December departs from us,
    But is unwilling to depart,... more »

  • An Address To The Cloud

    (Being influence by Magh Daut of Kali Daas)

    O! Cloud where you have hailed from and where you will soar to,
    Tell me whether you will ever come near me,... more »

  • An Ambition By Jagdish Prakash

    Late at that night,
    She came at my door,
    I could not behold her,
    She spoke something with a voice subdued,... more »

  • An Annoyed Day, A Dishevelled Night

    An annoyed day,
    A dishevelled night,
    A silent moment
    Smouldering!... more »

  • An Astrologer

    He sat beside the road,
    And was busy in telling the people,
    What fates have been ordained,
    I impulsively stopped beside him,... more »

  • An Effort

    Written By Sughra Sadaf
    Translated By Muhammad Shanazar

    The moon your face,... more »

  • An Elegy

    (Attributed to Faiz Ahmed Faiz)

    O! Faiz, my reverend poet,
    What have you done,... more »

  • An Elegy Of A Sinking Boat

    Bankless are the spaces,
    Winds are harsh,
    As if portend some storm,
    Or thunder and lightning;... more »