• An Empty Basket

    Alongside the path a man very old
    At half rate fresh oranges he sold
    In the dim light of an electric pole
    For he wished to sell the stuff whole.... more »

  • An Engrossed Mother

    Pitch dark is the spectrum of night,
    In the lawn, at the door,
    And on the boundary wall
    Tyranny is a sentinel.... more »

  • An Epistle Of Love

    When you had been with me,
    Waterfalls sprouted,
    From the frozen mountains,
    And they spread in the valleys,... more »

  • An Experience

    How sometimes strange demands emerge,
    In the curious mind, and heart urges,
    To explore unknown curtained truth.... more »

  • An Iceland

    A piece of the sky
    Under which is a small piece of land,
    Where exists a tiny house,
    Which is mine,... more »

  • An Imprisoned Fiction

    The dreams and the roses,
    The tears and the rivers,... more »

  • An Incentive

    Alas! Some strange dream,
    In their colourless lives,
    Should raise such a tempest,
    As your love,... more »

  • An Ode To The Detached Leaves

    Ah! The blows of autumnal wind,
    Cold and callous, have encroached at last,
    They have made the leaves their victims.... more »

  • An Old Belief

    I shall write on my palm,
    In the colour of henna
    The same old belief
    “Whatever it happens,... more »

  • An Unfinished Poem

    The only song that is attributed to you,
    And the words that create your images,
    Enchant me.... more »

  • An Unpardonable Crime

    Strange is the justification
    To launch a war,
    Against the innocent
    Against the weaponless.... more »

  • An Urge

    Why does my hair grow gray,
    Many at the night, more at the day?
    Oh age! Advance not, stop your pace,
    Heart urges for more months of May.... more »

  • An Urge Of A Wave

    A perturbed wave of the ocean,
    Stroke against rocks smashing herself,... more »

  • An Urge Of Construction

    ! Friends,
    Since when my little house
    Has been constructed,
    Who knows how many... more »

  • Another Poem Between Me And My Poem

    In the yellow muddled morn,
    After waking up from the green sleep,
    I think to place the bowl of dreams,
    At the threshold of the sun... more »

  • Another Poem Of Love

    If my trouble becomes yours
    Each trouble may turn into an ease;
    If my heart and yours
    Both of the hearts adjoin,... more »

  • Another Year

    Another year has come who knows where from,
    And what stock has it brought,
    A few pleasures but a heap of sorrows,
    A network of troubles, fluctuations of hope.... more »

  • Apprehensions

    Silence prevails
    In each wire of my soul,
    Pangs of separations upsurge;
    While seeing you my love,... more »

  • Arrival Of The Dawn-1

    The head-bent moments amid clippings of the old newspapers,
    And a sound of whispering lizards clinging with beams of the roof,
    Crowing cymbals of crows sitting on the edges,
    Dreadful shadows of the past events,... more »

  • Arrival Of The Dawn-2

    The firmament yawned by extending its limbs,
    Then opened its eyes,
    And having militia of light
    Shook hand with the Chief of sky,... more »

  • At Last You Departed

    Oh! Friend for you supported my hand,
    My deserted heart became a fairy-land.

    I accompanied and went along with you,... more »

  • At The Night Of Load-Shedding

    The light went out as usual,
    The darkness harassed me,
    I beheld in my own room,
    A ghost-like image as we often see,... more »

  • Azra

    (A heartiest tribute of Sarwar Sultan to his deceased wife who a year after also passed away; the poem has been translated by Muhammad Shanazar)

    It was December, she and I,
    December has come again,... more »

  • Barack Hussain Obama (An Acrostic Panegyric)

    This piece of composition is in the praise of Barack Hussain Obama newly elected president of U.S.A.; the present time calls forth Barack Hussain Obama for greater courage and precision to face the challenges to fetch out humanity from the quagmire of confusion. It was my ardent desire that I should read out this piece of homage in front of the huge gathering on the occasion of his oath celebrations but for me it is merely a vain longing therefore I present it for general reading.

    Barack Hussain Obama (An Acrostic Panegyric)... more »

  • Bargain Of Loss

    When at late hours,
    The dark night wanes,
    Silence prevails all around,
    The stars shine,... more »