• Be Heeded

    My love! Then you have decided,
    That it is apposite to flatten
    The craving of destination,
    The world desires it too,... more »

  • Beggary

    I held in front the begging bowl of life
    It was filled with the coins of moments,
    For whom I remained sitting
    And waited for centuries on the way,... more »

  • Behind The Bars

    (Written in the days of dictatorship)

    The law of forest
    Governs where I live in;... more »

  • Believe In My Oath

    Believe in my oath,
    I do not pine away in the pangs of separation,
    My lashes are not yet damp,
    No one is between except ourselves.... more »

  • Believe! I Could Not Sleep A Moment

    I have again emerged in the dream of someone,
    It is something else, in dreams sometimes wishes are quenched and sometimes they remain unquenched,
    But important it is that a gleam glistened to happen something,
    At least, in the mind of someone a path is paved for me,... more »

  • Beneath The Ossa Of Dust

    (On the event when five women buried alive)

    What kind of hearts
    We contain in the chests!... more »

  • Best Wishes For Residents Of The World

    (Written on the departure of 2014)

    O! Residents of the world,
    Happy New Year 2015 to you all,... more »

  • Bestow Us A Mirror

    (On The Day of Freedom)

    When this day,
    Takes birth from the sacred fog of the dawn,... more »

  • Bland Winds Blow And Beep

    The trees vacillate,
    Eyes are bent not to sleep,
    Bland winds blow and beep.... more »

  • Bring Me Back First The Season To Write On Sand

    These beautiful bracelets of Motia,
    This Kagal, this henna,
    Glassy bangles and a tray of red-roses,
    Beautiful are the green Anchal and scarlet suit,... more »

  • Bring Me Back My Eyes

    Bring me back my eyes,
    For I shall behold
    All colours of the universe.
    I shall captivate... more »

  • Bullah Doesn’t Know Who I Am

    Neither I am a momin in the mosque,
    Nor a ritual amid the blasphemes,
    Nor a sacrilegious amid the pious,
    Neither Moses, nor Pharaoh;... more »

  • Burn The Dreams

    To uncatch,
    From the clutches,... more »

  • Calls From The World Across

    My brother died
    A few months ago,
    When he was alive
    He called me on my mobile... more »

  • Carbonized Steaks

    More significant than the rise and fall,
    More important than the historic events,
    More woeful than pathetic deaths,
    May we find occurring around us,... more »

  • Circular Zones

    We are the prisoners,
    Dwell in the cycles,
    We are frightened to peep,
    Peer out of them.... more »

  • Come Near For A While

    Come near for a while
    To feel me with your glance,
    Writing on my passion
    A poem charge with emotions.... more »

  • Confession

    Oh my God! I am weak and fail,
    In my wills to the beguiling Enemy,
    Who tempts me against prohibitions,
    Rides on my fragile heart and mind,... more »

  • Contents Of The Savage Society

    Beside the cross,
    In the main street of the busy bazaar,
    There stood with appalled appearances,
    A woman seemed in late forties,... more »

  • Core Of The Desire

    I am hesitant in making an eye-contact
    With you, I shudder to bring the secret
    On lips, lest you should become annoyed,
    That is the reason I talk to you in fears.... more »

  • Could You Place Light On The Heap Of Explosives?

    Light sprouted on the very day
    When Krishna blew lute at Gokul,
    When Ayodhy returned from Banbas to Ram,
    Light sprouted on the very day... more »

  • Curiosity Thy Name Is Ugliness

    Those days,
    The words and paths accompanied me.
    Those days,
    The words and insomnia were my companions.... more »

  • Cuscuta

    Written By Sughra Sadaf
    Translated By Muhammad Shanazar

    Some unknown pangs... more »

  • Cushions

    When my leaders
    Sit in the assembly halls,
    For legislation,
    With fake brains, fake thoughts,... more »

  • Cyclonic Fury Of Time

    What a strange monstrous
    Mountain-like python
    Has crept into the city!
    It is creeping ahead devouring everything,... more »