• Dates Of The Calendar

    Divided days
    Into the dates of calendar,
    Divided memories
    On the pages of diary,... more »

  • Death

    The Deity of Death
    Never sleeps,
    Roves from the morn to the eve,
    She makes many turns in search... more »

  • Decaying Flowers Of Petunia

    Are you?
    You are reading inscription
    Of my silence with so much interest,
    Say something so that your words... more »

  • December

    In dozen of the months
    He always stands distinct,
    I don’t know why December is always different
    From others at last,... more »

  • December When You Turn Again

    O! December,
    When you turn again this year,
    You bring along
    The news of the city which I long for.... more »

  • Defeat

    If separation is destined,
    Why it is being delayed;
    Let us go asunder
    At the very moment,... more »

  • Defeat Of The Night

    Who is whose eyes have remembered
    Each warm moment we spent sitting side by side,
    Whose eyes have seen dressless physique
    Flowering like spring,... more »

  • Desertedness

    Unrecognizable are the days,
    Neither does the sunrise,... more »

  • Destination Of The Night

    The blood of an impatient desire
    Is running through each channel of my body,
    A distant voice comes
    And sweetens my all existence,... more »

  • Destiny

    O! Fortune-Teller,
    Who inscribed consternation
    In your eyes after reading,
    The lines of my hands?... more »

  • Dishevelled Hair

    The evening that descended,
    In your patio,
    In extending, shrinking arms,
    Intoxicated and drowsy,... more »

  • Dismal Doom

    Who bangs at the door,
    And awakens
    The sleeping conscience?... more »

  • Disposable Syringes

    Disposable syringes are used once,
    Injected into the veins
    Through which diseased blood runs,
    Then they are discarded for ever,... more »

  • Distribution

    My heart wishes,
    I should run away,
    From the shroud of darkness,
    Far away from the native land,... more »

  • Do Not Let Me Annoyed

    I rag you thousands of times,
    And reconcile not thousands of times,
    Yet... more »

  • Do You Know

    Do you know?
    The moon that brightened
    Nights of the earth,
    The destiny... more »

  • Dotage

    In memories of the bygone days
    Wrapping herself in the worn out shawl,
    Today love is going through
    The life time detention in such a way... more »

  • Dreams Are Not To Be Imprisoned

    You besieged me,
    You made me stripped,
    You smashed with toes of shoes,
    You pointed at me your gun,... more »

  • Dreams Are Stubborn

    Dreams are very stubborn,
    They perch on the threshold of
    Burning lashes of my eyes,
    In the grip of heart only whims pulsate,... more »

  • Dreams: Shadows Of Reality

    The cold winds,
    Swishingly blowing,... more »

  • Dreamy Age

    Remembering of the dreamy age,
    Fills my eyes with tears,
    The sights unpolluted and clear,
    Now changed into smoky and full of noise,... more »

  • Earthquake

    The Earth moves on as Her wont is,
    Wearing the chain of moments,
    She has been going on sliding gliding
    For several centuries,... more »

  • Earthquake In Haiti

    The Earth of Haiti quaked,
    Shook the towers of the towns,
    Pulled down structures of the buildings
    Big or small of the cities and villages,... more »

  • Echoing Sounds

    It sounds as if this day is the last day of life,
    Knocks of the past have halted at my dreams,
    Someone holding my fingers
    Takes me along to the other side where hang... more »

  • Empty Hands

    Where are you and where am I?
    How an enormous ocean,
    Of separation intruded in between.
    If we imagine we shall go astray,... more »