• Enough, Enough,

    Sounding sirens, roaring planes,
    Parading men, thundering guns,
    Rising mushroom, exploding bombs,
    Launched missiles, advancing troops,... more »

  • Evening

    At the brim of drowning day,
    A slight after the sunset,
    Clad in crimson pink bridal dress,
    I see a bride every day exposing... more »

  • Explosives And A Rose

    After many days of constant shelling
    And dropping of loads of explosives,
    A gorgeous girl was rescued,
    Out of wreckage of the city,... more »

  • Facebook

    Yester-night I escaped
    From loneliness,
    Opened my Facebook account,
    I beheld there was a rush,... more »

  • Faith

    A sword,
    That cuts the path,
    Leading ahead;
    Draws a line,... more »

  • Fame Craze

    Fame craze, a poisonous drug,
    A sickness, curse and plague,
    Mother of arrogance and pride,
    Dissolves both body and soul.... more »

  • Farewell To All Fears

    I slept in a dream,
    And in the dream I dreamt again,
    Men, women and kids
    Gathered on a vast plain.... more »

  • Fifth Angel

    Gabriel finished His task of conveying,
    The divine massages,
    To the selected men of God;
    Michael is still busy to perform,... more »

  • Fleeting Moments

    Blending bitter and sweet memories,
    The fleeting moments pass quickly,
    Fall into the measureless depth of past.
    Inspire or despond when are recalled,... more »

  • Fleeting Visions

    How sometimes invisible secret eyes,
    Capture marvellous fleeting visions,
    And see the spectrum of reality,
    But the wise regard a product of insanity.... more »

  • Fondness For Destination

    After sipping
    Drop after drop,
    And surviving
    After a fight against Death,... more »

  • Forgetfulness

    I have decided to forget you,
    It is impossible to forsake you,
    If I disown you,... more »

  • From Behind The Worn-Out Grave Of Time

    From behind the worn-out grave of Time,
    Sends me a message;
    I am a thick shady tree of creation,... more »

  • From The Floating Stage

    To the unsealed minds He does open,
    The mysteries, removes fog of doubts,
    And places He on the vantage landings,
    Where from observe the awakening eyes,... more »

  • Frozenness

    No sound is heard except
    Rustling of numerous ants
    Creeping on the cold floor.
    They make rounds from floor to wall,... more »

  • Go Not Empty Handed

    O! High floating cloud,
    Drifting to the arid farms,
    Come back to me,
    Take my tears along,... more »

  • Go On Ahead

    You have forgotten the route?
    Go ahead a little,
    Take turn where the road bends,
    If you do not want to have a turn,... more »

  • God

    The Boundless Ocean of Brilliance
    That lends the stars dazzling light
    Whom obey flakes of the watery clouds,
    Riding on the back of moving wind.... more »

  • Good Morning

    O! Dealer of the dreams
    Unfasten your eyes
    So that in the patio of my heart
    The sun should shine,... more »

  • Good Wishes

    May God ever save from the evil eyes
    The galaxy of your thoughts,
    Hot wind may not cut your path,
    Sweetness of your words may never fade away,... more »

  • Grandfather

    Time passes on
    Silent imperceptibly,
    A man quite young and juvenile
    Becomes old... more »

  • Greatness

    Nothing is useless
    Till it is discarded by God Himself;
    I am a stone entangled in the mud,
    Do not pull me out,... more »

  • Green Sleep In The Sophisticated House

    This night is as cold
    As the load of corpse
    What should I say where has gone the sleep;
    New tiles are fixed inside the house,... more »

  • Growth

    How much depth the lap of motherland has
    And warmth too!
    How much fervent are waves of the shore
    And willing to retreat too!... more »

  • Had There Been No Defeat

    He said “Defeat is very deep
    As deep as an ocean,
    That who drowns into it,
    He never emerges up,... more »